John Dramani Mahama’s Children

John Dramani Mahama's Children
John Dramani Mahama's Children

Who is John Dramani Mahama?

John Dramani Mahama was the former vice president (2009 -2012) and president of the republic of Ghana (2012 – 2017). He was born on 29th November, 1958 and was married to Lordina Mahama in 1992 with five (5) children.

John Dramani Mahama obtained his first degree from department of social sciences from the renowned university of Ghana, Legon in 1986. He later won many awards including CAF Platinum Award and books like “My First Coupe D’etat: Memories from the lost decades of Africa.


How many children has John Dramani Mahama?


John Dramani Mahama had five (5) children since he got married in 1992. These five children were blessed to have come from a royal home of which they are at liberty to decide their own destiny and go higher in life irrespective of any financial predicaments.

Who are John Dramani Mahama children?

John Dramani Mahama had five (5) children namely, Shafik Mahama, Sharaf Mahama, Shahid Mahama, Jesse Mahama and Farida Mahama. Some of these children are in Ghana and the rest are in other countries pursuing their academics.

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John Dramani Mahama’s Children Age, Educational Status, Profession and Current Location.

Shafik Mahama was born on 21st December, 1993, a media personality and had completed University of Dubai.

Shahid Mahama completed University of Cape Coast but his current occupation is yet unknown.

Sharaf Mahama was born on 21st September, 1996, a footballer and his tertiary education yet undiscovered

Jesse Mahama is the fourth  and last son of who was born in 2003 currently a student in one of the Universities in Ghana.

Farida Mahama, the last born of John Mahama, who was born July 15, 2006, is a student and yet to discover his occupation in the coming years.

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John Dramani Mahama wife

John Dramani Mahama’s wife is Lordina Effah Mahama. She was the first lady of the president who was born in 6th March, 1963. She hails from the Nkoranza District of Brong – Ahafo region of Ghana.

Lordina Effah Mahama obtained her first degree in hospitality management and second degree in Governance Leadership from Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA) and De Montfort university, UK respectively.

She was the first lady Mahama served as the role model for women empowerment, and advocate for HIV/AIDS, Breast, Cervical cancer, orphans and alleged witches awareness all in Ghana.



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