There’s no evidence supporting claims that, sɛx positions can lead to stroke – GPA

Ghana Physiotherapy Association says there’s no evidence supporting claims that, sɛx positions can lead to stroke.

According to the Ghana Physiotherapy Association, they have noticed with concern a publication made on GTV’s Breakfast Show on the morning of
August 22, 2022 that suggests that sex positions can lead to stroke.

The publication has since gone viral across social media channels with the caption, “Doggy Style Can Give You Stroke”


For the avoidance of any doubt, the Ghana Physiotherapy Association wishes to state for the record that there is no evidence to support this claim. Physiotherapists, the world over, believe in Evidence Based Practice.

Ghana Physiotherapy Association has advise the public to disregard the claim.

“In as much as the Association is
encouraged by the public interest and discussions around issues of physiotherapy, we ask that such discussions exercise circumspection to avoid misinformation.”

Ghana Physiotherapy Association, further urge the public to seek the advice of certified and qualified physiotherapists on such matters.

According to Ghana Physiotherapy Association, their doors are always open to the public and the media to engage on all issues about physiotherapy.



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