TV3 journalist Komla Klutse is the next target for arrest by Government – Kelvin Tailor alleges

Komla Klutse

Komla Klutse (Journalist with Media General)

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Journalist with Media General Mr. Komla Klutse has been cautioned to tighten his security because he is the next target for the ruling New Patriotic Party.

According to social media  political activist Kelvin Tailor, he has information that the ruling New Patriotic Party is planning to come after Mr. Komla Klutse for criticising the Government.

He further added that they will come after Mr. Komla Klutse like the way they went after Mr. Caleb Kudah of Citi TV and that more Journalists are going to be arrested in the coming days.

Reacting to the caution from Kelvin Tailor, Komla Klutse in a tweet said;

“0 GOD, grant us a vision of our country, fair as it might be, a country of righteousness, where none shall wrong his neighbour; a country of plenty, where evil and poverty shall be done away with; a country of brotherhood, where all success shall be founded on service…”

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Kelvin Tailor’s statement however remains as an allegations as he is yet to provide any evidence of any plot against the journalist-Mr. Komla Klutse.



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