Video: Fuse ODG Sets Jesus Christ Painting on fire 🔥

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UK-based Ghanaian afrobeats star Fuse ODG has shared a video of himself burning a portrait of Jesus Christ on Instagram.

According to Fuse ODG the painting of white Jesus Christ represents oppression and slavery and that we as Africans must take our faith into our own hands because, the whites used the white Jesus Christ concept to enslaved us as Africans. He explained that, in the Elmina Castle, the whites were worshipping their ‘White Jesus Christ’ just above the place where they were maltreating out ancestors.

Fuse also added  the that, worshipping the image of white Jesus Christ or God is wrong because the Bible prohibits.

Fuse ODG in the video said;

For the oppressed, as Africans, we can hope that the oppressors can do the right thing but we cannot depend on it. We need to take our faith into our own hands. We have the responsibility to deal with our own truth and it starts with this White Jesus’ painting.

This is a seed. This is the seed that gave birth to [Adolf] Hitler and his doctrine. This is the seed that gave birth to the KKK, the apartheid in South Africa, the Rwandan genocide, a people of colour bleaching across the globe till date as we speak, and the list goes on.

This is not even biblical. If you read the Bible, it specifically tells us not to create any images in the form of a man or a woman or any creature on earth. This is ‘idology’ and again if you read the Bible there’s nothing that got hate than idol worship. We need to take down this images and worship God in spirit and in truth.

Fuse concluded that, the white Jesus Painting needs to be taken down from every single church in Africa before he set the Jesus painting on fire.

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