Who is Anne Sophie Ave? Biography, Age, husband, Education, Children, net worth

Anne-Sophie Avé
Anne-Sophie Avé

Who is Anne Sophie Ave?

Anne-Sophie Avé is a French diplomat. She is the Ambassador of France to Ghana and has been at post since 2018. She is also the of a TV talk show in Ghana called ‘Touch of France’.

Anne-Sophie has distinguished herself as one of the most interactive Ambassadors to Ghana by touching down the base and making acquaintances every turn she makes with her active socializing skills. Her talk show “touch of France” features a lot of Ghanaian celebrities and also shows the France culture.


Who is the current French Ambassador to Ghana?

Anne-Sophie Ave is currently the French Ambassador to Ghana and has been at post since September, 2018.

Is the current French Ambassador to Ghana married?

The current ambassador for France is Anne-Sophie Ave and she is not known to be married.

Is Anne Sophie Ave married?

Anne-Sophie Ave is not married. She stated in an interview that she Is not yet married and won’t mind marrying a Ghanaian.

Anne Sophie Ave husband?

Anne-Sophie has no husband yet. She is not married as of 2022. 

How old is Anne Sophie Ave?/Anne Sophie Ave age.

Anne-Sophie will be 54 years in November 2022. She was born on 10th November, 2022 in Fontainebleau, France.

Anne Sophie Ave children

Anne-Sophie has two children. Her first child was born in 1994 and she had her second in 1997.

Anne Sophie Ave educational background

Anne-Sophie attended Lycee Francais in Brussels. She also graduated from the Toulouse Business School in 1991 and attended Ecole Nationale d’administration in France from 2003 to 2005.

Anne Sophie Instagram 

Anne-Sophie’s Instagram handle is @as.ave. She is the most followed ambassador on Instagram.

SOURCE: Coverghana.com.gh


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