13 critical solutions to Ghana’s economic challenges announced


Ghana’s challenges are hinged on some negligence that is affecting the nation at large.

To help address the pertinent issues confronting the country, a total of 13 solutions to Ghana’s economic challenges have been announced. Among many of the solutions are:

The prices of fuel and gas must be reduced by 50 per cent. The ordinary Ghanaians are suffering with the hike of fuel and gas prices in the country.


A lot of small scale businesses are hinged on such energy to fuel their business. The transports sector and manufacturing companies relay solely on fuel and gas therefore, the hiking of prices will collapse their business and also kill the dream of young entrepreneurs.

The current structure of the Ghanaian government size is a talkable ‘venture’. Taking a critical look at the Ministry of Roads and Transport, the Ministry have a different designated Ministers for Highways and Railways.

Ideally, appointing just a Minister to head the Ministry will be applauded unlike the current structure that divides the taxpayers money into sections for ‘accomplishing’ the task entrusted in Minsters.

Government appointees have businesses that pay them lavishly despite the hardships in the country.

In view of this, the government must cut 50% off their salary in other to invest such bonus into infrastructure projects, agricultural projects and filling the trenches that government have created willingly and unwilling.

Undeniably, the elite/rich class harvest tons of legal notes from their businesses and deals without assisting the poor. They must be taxed and exempt the poor. A strict tax system must be developed and enforced to work on collecting tax from the rich more than the poor person running a small scale business.

A ban should be laid on products that are produced in Ghana. The campaign should be centered on food in the first place.

Ghanaian farmers are calling for support for farming rice and processing, polishing for the Ghanaian taste successfully just like Vietnam rice, Lélé rice and other foreign brands of rice.

Even though Savannah farmer have such products, it’s not enough to feed the whole populace. Helping hands and undertaking such projects all over the country can reduce the rate at which we import rice, including vegetables.

An initiative should capture vegetable farming whereby agrochemicals would be fully employed in the farming process, dam construction to support irrigation in times of no rain.

The advance countries we eulogise employed technologies that uses sun as their main source of power while in Africa, the zone of sun rays depend on electricity.

The parliament must withdraw all tax waivers and work of the weak tax collecting systems.

For instance, checks must be employed in the markets through the the local assemblies. On the grounds, market tax collectors and even their heads in the assemblies embezzles what they collate from the market as tax. A proper check to such avenue can restore what is due the nation for developmental assistance.

A vigorous action should be sparked for prosecuting plunderers and retrieving a dim of cedi lost to corruption in the country.

The notion that ‘big men are above the law and can’t be prosecuted’ should be taken seriously for a punishment. Corruption is a dangerous canker eating up the nation.

Government office holders should face the laws of the land for equal justice and rights. Punishing corrupt leaders will deter others from such act. UAE don’t spare ‘corruption’ hence, making their country a lovely place for both citizens and foreigners.

They government appointees should be allowed to pay for utility bills, medical treatments anywhere in the world, accommodations, and their fuel usage.

They are paid for their services to the nation, hence, they must pay for what the ordinary Ghanaian is also. Government gather tax through the above mentioned for running the affairs of the nation which they also enjoy.

The media must restore their independent operation devoid of politics and favouritism. They serve as a medium between the people and the government, the agency that lauds the cries of the ordinary Ghanaian. They should desist from partisan political activities and represent what they are required of.

The act of propaganding against a well sound economic policies must be kicked out for a fair hearing of the policies which might support economy.

Much attention and concern have to be geared towards dissolving the Economic Management Team hence, replacing them with the competent and qualified men that can steer the wheel rightfully.

A massive clean up exercise should be planned towards retiring the aged from government office and prepare the future with the youngsters who are willing and can push economic development agendas.

SOURCE: Coverghana.com.gh


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