21 skills that will pay you forever

Money (Ghana current notes)
Money (Ghana current notes)

21 skills that will pay you forever

Making use of your skills is the mindset behind giving them out.

Generally, skill and ability are words used interchangeably to talk about the capability of a person /or something collectively.


Skills are acquired /or learned. It can be an innate characteristic of a person in question or/ the result of investing much time and energy in acquiring it.

21 skills have been compiled that will pay you forever either in monetary terms, academic, life, and other areas you deem necessary for use.

1. Ability to sell and negotiate.

Selling must be complemented by negotiations. A good seller must possess the ability to negotiate that they trade /or sell because, at the end of the day, the seller must make a profit and the buyer must also appreciate the value/worth of what they’ve purchased.

2. Ability to convey what you think and feel.

Feelings are personal. They can only be interpreted by the person experiencing them best. Even though others might understand your feelings to some extent, the real definitions of your feeling may not be clear to them until you elaborate on them.

The work now is to convey what you feel and how it can be related to. You need the ability to convey your plans perfectly.

Let’s say a business strategy for a company /or a way out to accomplish a difficult task that society is facing.

Always remember that thoughts are inwardly built elements while abilities are how to make good use of the thoughts.

3. Ability to break down a process into smaller steps.

In every sector of life, business, education, etc, there are combinations of processes to achieve success.

At work, others might need a few seconds of explanation to complete a task. At school, it can be breaking down a complex unit for others before they can proceed. In life, chapters must be analysed by others for prompt and progression.

In business, the manager must break down the thinking behind the running turbines of the business. Employers will understand your focus much more if only you break down the process of the organization (sometimes).

4. Ability to shut up, listen and learn from others.

A popular adage says “silence is golden”. Indeed silence is golden because success grows in silence but destruction disturbs others.

Silence is not about closing your mouth, it also means observing, imitating, and practicing at the right pace.

Always, cultivate the habit of learning from others who have made it. Ignore unhealthy comments and pick the focus tool (learning in silence).

5. Ability to adapt and improvise and overcome obstacles.

In a situation where you can’t afford something you want, think through a similar option.

You can assemble plain sheets of your old exercise books to make a notebook. With glue and clips, you can improvise a perfect notebook to suit your current demand, etc.

6. Ability to read, understand and memorize.

Reading is a difficult assignment which is why understanding also becomes difficult.

Invest a lot in reading because nothing comes easy. Students in general needs the ability to read, understand and memorise classroom lessons for both exams and life.

Memorising life works also. Possessing the ability to sway mistakes by learning the positive outcomes will be good always likewise in the world of business.

7. Ability to walk away.

Walking away from unhealthy lifestyles and chapters is the best way out but it takes skill to accomplish it.

You must always spot the productive aspects of all your relations and stage out the unproductive ones.

Again, destruction happens within a minute but success takes a long period. Walk out of the negative side and focus on the worthy ones.

8. Ability to manage time effectively.

We always hear time is money and money must be managed effectively.

Draw a plan for your money, not money drawing a plan for you because, you worked for money, not money working for you literally.

Always have a plan on how to spend. Save more than you spend and invest at the right time, the right investment, and make sure you understand the wheels of effective plans.

9. Ability to stay positive and optimistic.

Nature blesses those who have a positive and clean heart. Always heed to your work devoid of hate because hate takes productive time away (time to think about yourself).

Be optimistic. Expect the best in all possible ways since a clean heart and productive engagements are your sidelines, always expect the best.


10. Ability to make decisions based on facts not based on emotions.

Success does not consider emotions. It comes to those who are working for it rightfully.

Not all problems can be solved. Also, this statement shouldn’t make you stay in your comfort zone without researching how others are propelling life with good avid decisions.

Facts are well-known and understood, and add to success based on records. Can you boost emotions also?

The world does not buy emotions. Facts are the numbers.

11. Ability to speak in front of a large audience.

Talking to a large group of the populace is a skill you must master. Others become timid and look odd when they face the public.

Take a bold step in quenching that energy.

Business presentations are also won with the ability to stand a large group of people and communicate your plan.

Always, be prepared and ready to scare your timidity.

12. Ability to keep trying even after failure.

Raising after failure is the lesson, not failure. Also, the ability to stand firm after taking a wrong decision is the way out.

Your failure must be a lesson juncture in life, not a period to mourn your losses.

13. Ability to invest money on your own.

Even if you can’t make a complete decision on your own, research your interest area, and learn from failure since that was your first success plan.

Independent decisions are the best. Keep it in mind always.

14. Ability to do things irrespective of situations.

Mourning the loss won’t help. The best way is to work extra harder by taking clues from the worst situation.

Inventors birthed many technologies centuries ago when the current state of technology was not present. Take a clue!

15. Ability to analyse yourself.

You must learn to reflect on your actions because your reflection will pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses which needs a thorough review for the best. Always make true reflections to avoid regrets.

16. Ability to learn how to learn.

Learning is in three (3) folds. Learning, relearning, and unlearning. Make sure you spot and heed to what you what.

Do not mistake any of them because at the end of your lessons the old perception will still be in mind.

17. Ability to understand what others feel.

Nothing is new under the sun. What a generation ago went is not different from what is happening currently.

The only difference is the medium it is happening through. For instance, people were traded years legally as slaves without coming back.

Today, people are also leaving home legally for greener pastures but they refuse to come home due to bad leadership in their countries and other work-related conditions.

On the other edge, the ability to understand what others feel goes down to assist others if you can. Lend a helping hand, not a word of mockery.

18. Ability to maintain consistency.

Success is chalked with consistency. Stay away from unhealthy acts. Always be consistent with your focus.

People out there are glued to your brand due to your continuous efforts, energy, and right dealings.

19. Ability to master your thoughts.

Your thoughts are mighty. It deserves mastery.
Work your thoughts until they materialise.

20. Ability to write words to persuade and influence others.

The skill of influence sells brands, products, and plans, and pays the most if mastered well.

21. Ability to ask for help.

Not all decisions can be taken alone for success. In a situation where the need for help arises, employ the productive helper. Think through situations of this calibre before asking for help.

Always watch out for profits and losses in all you put your mind to because they are all worth it and a breeding ground to nurse all your aspirations.

In a nutshell, these 21 skills, and other accepted ones can pay you forever but, kindly read the above paragraph again.

SOURCE: Coverghana.com.gh


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