“Our policies have no systemic value” -Kofi Asare laments over teacher trainee and student nurses allowance

Mr. Kofi Asare, the executive director for African Education watch

Mr. Kofi Asare, the executive director for African Education watch

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The Executive Director at Africa Education Watch, Mr. Kofi Asare has lamented over allowances paid to teacher trainees and student nurses pursuing their careers in Colleges.

Mr. Kofi Asare poured in a public post that “In 2024, government will spend about One Billion Cedis on the allowances of students nurses and teachers pursuing their careers in Colleges.

He continued “Meanwhile, their SHS colleagues pursuing same careers in the universities are entitled to a student loan.

“Student teachers, both allowa & loan beneficiaries, will graduate with the same BED Degrees and teach in the same schools, including the 5400 under trees and sheds, while earning the same salary.

“Note: The one year allawa (220m) could have built 200 new schools to provide a befitting working environment for student teachers after graduating into employment.

“The nurses will also graduate and start agitating for employment when their allawa of over 700m could have built many hospitals to employ them.

“All this is happening in the presence of a guarantor-free students loan aimed at ensuring unrestricted access to loans by needy tertiary students.

“Having been a fierce critic of this wasteful policy since 2008, I was very very disappointed when after using the Ghana Card to usher in a guarantor- free students loan policy, we failed to use the crab to prepare the soup’

“Our policies have no systemic value; what we have are short-term, slogan-centric interventions that produce only outputs.

What a country!

SOURCE: Coverghana.com.gh


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