A young beautiful lady narrated how she was raped by a Pastor

A young lady who goes by the name @always_joan took to her twitter page to narrate how a man of God sexually assaulted her back in the days.

“My very first kiss was forced and followed by sexual assault. And it was a pastor from that very church. Lmao the lady pastor I spoke to after told me sometimes the devil tries to use us to stifle the anointed of men of God so I should pray to be delivered. I won’t ever forget.” She said.

According to her, it’s actually amusing cause a week after she tried to initiate a kiss with the then boyfriend.

“We were in university yet we hadn’t ever been intimate (mutual choice) and he was so confused as to why all of a sudden I wanted to introduce anything “sexual” into the relationship. I just wanted the memory of that awful night gone and I thought oh it would feel good if I did it with someone I liked. My man though, he was compassionate and intelligent and he made us have a conversation about how l sprung it up out of the blue. I never told him the reason, only agreed that it was something we should speak about first, so babie if you see thread, that was why.” She narrated while expressing strong feelings.




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