Akosombo Dam spillage: No one gave order from above; we did not withdraw military personnel -GAF told Okudzeto

GAF flood disaster team

GAF flood disaster team

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The Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) has addressed the report made by Hon. Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa pertaining to the withdrawal of military personnel deployed to assist the VRA-induced flood victims in the North, South, and Central Tongu constituency of the Volta Region.

GAF said no one has given order from above as peddled by the public. They did not withdraw military personnel in Mepe.

In GAF’s statement, it was indicated that they have successfully rescued approximately 12,000 individuals since October 13, 2023, in the affected areas.

The released statement was served to address the report made by Hon. Okudzeto Ablakwa, North Tongu MP in response to the devastating flood disaster caused by the overflow of the Akosombo Dam in Mepe and other areas of the Volta Region.

The GAF provided an update stating that as of Sunday, October 22, the flood situation in Mepe, the community most affected by the dam spillage, has been brought under control to a significant extent.

The GAF’s statement came in response to a report made by Hon. Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa, the Member of Parliament for North Tongu, who claimed that the soldiers had been instructed to leave the community that military personnel involved in humanitarian relief operations had been withdrawn from Mepe.

In a tweet, Hon. Okudzeto Ablakwa questioned the decision, asking who was responsible for the withdrawal of military personnel when the water levels had not yet receded and many lives were still at risk in the camps across the affected areas.

He also expressed dismay, questioning the motives of those in the government who may be behind the alleged cruelty.

However, in a subsequent tweet, Ablakwa mentioned that he had received information indicating that the withdrawal order had been reversed and the soldiers were instructed to return with their boats and resume their duties. He pledged to identify and expose those responsible for the initial order.

The GAF issued a statement clarifying that the information circulating on social media regarding the withdrawal of military personnel from Mepe and other affected communities was inaccurate.

They emphasized that no “orders from above” had been given for the soldiers to withdraw. Instead, the GAF explained that the humanitarian relief operations, known as Operation Boafo, were being conducted in phases.

By October 22, 2023, the situation in Mepe had improved considerably, prompting the urgent redeployment of personnel and equipment to other distressed communities, particularly Battor and its environs, which required immediate support.

Also, the GAF established an Emergency Operations Center to coordinate all its activities in collaboration with the National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO).

At present, the Naval Riverine Command and the Army’s 48 Engineer Regiment are still actively engaged in Operation Boafo, providing relief operations in Mepe, Battor, Sogakope, Adidome, Aveyime, New Bakpa, Big Ada, Ada Foah, and the surrounding areas.

These personnel are equipped with ten naval boats and four engineer assault boats. Since October 13, 2023, the GAF has successfully rescued approximately 12,000 individuals affected by the flood.

SOURCE: Coverghana.com.gh


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