Albinos beg politicians on December election; says don’t use us for rituals

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Albinism in Ghana says they begin to fear whenever Ghana is about to have a general parliamentary and presidential elections.

According to them [albinos], they are not sure they will be spared in this election in most of the areas in the country because most areas demand them for rituals for their political powers.

“The fear is that as we know they have been using parts of our bodies for rituals so maybe somebody will want to come to power and that is their beliefs that if they use parts of bodies they may win power. So sometimes some of us, the fear is during election time so when you are going out you wish to go and come back early so that you don’t go and meet somebody who will kill and use you for rituals”. One albino stated.

“As for me during election time my brothers tell me to stay home so that nobody kills me for sacrifice so it creates anxiety anytime I go out,” .

The National Director of Ghana Association of Persons with Albinism (GAPA), Newton Komla Katseku added that, it is true, they are used for rituals by the politicians whenever it’s an election year.

“You cannot separate Political power from ritualism. The presentation I have done indicates there are reports that suggest persons with albinism have been used for sacrifices in quest of power from 2008 election till date in Ghana. And it is happening physically in some of the neighbouring countries in Africa”.

He added, he wished they could be political stakeholders meeting so that this issue could be addressed.

“It is something that we need to guard against. Properly, what we need to do is to hold political stakeholder engagement so that we explain to them if you take the life of somebody for power whom are you going to rule in future. So persons with Albinism will continue to cry and call for protection before, during and after the election” Newton Komla Katseku told Starr News.

The Ghana Association of Persons with Albinism listed some community they believe to be using albinos for most of their rituals. The communities includes;
Kwahu Bokuruwa, Akwamufie, Abease, Larteh, Awukugua in the Eastern Region, and Kane in Upper West Region.

Credit: Starr FM


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