“Allegations that Brian Mwenda won 26 cases is false and misleading” -Senior lawyer Erick Theuri

Fake lawyer who won all 26 handed cases

Fake lawyer who won all 26 handed cases

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A few days ago in the news, it was reported virally that Kenyan, Brian Mwenda won 26 cases as an unqualified lawyer.

The report sparked and generated millions of reactions which has smoked out some senior lawyers to share their views and cleared the air on the alleged widespread cases the media claimed Brian Mwenda has won.

Fast forward, some senior lawyers talked and shared their views about the arrest case. Also, they debunked the widespread alleged 26 cases Brian Mwenda won as an unqualified lawyer.

Below are the take on of some four (4) senior lawyers.

According to the female senior lawyer Joy Mdivo, she said “I see people falling over themselves defending that masquerader. If ever you have lost your case due to an incompetent advocate, you have recourse.

“But a case won by an unqualified lawyer, right now that judgment is worth nothing. His “clients” are all now badly exposed. Tragic”

“My sympathies go to Mr Brian Mwenda. He may get all the social media support, and and encouragements from bro Atwoli & Hon Sonko, sadly, he can never be admitted as an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya, on account of prior Impersonation. Labda ajaribu UG ama TZ, ” Senior lawyer Otiende Amollo disclosed.

Adding, senior lawyer Nelson Havi also
“Brian Mwenda could have practiced law successfully without holding himself out as an Advocate. After all, Okiya Omtatah has done so effortlessly, winning precedent-setting cases all the way to the Supreme Court and dwarfing many of us in the process”

Clearing the viral news which stated that Brian Mwenda won 26 cases, senior lawyer Erick Theuri stated “Allegations that the masquerader Brian Mwenda won 26 cases is false & misleading.

“There is no factual basis to support the misleading claims. Efforts to apprehend him are in high gear & we are optimistic that he will be brought to book.”

SOURCE: Coverghana.com.gh


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