Apostle Victor Hounkpati donates all Church offerings to a poor man and his family

Apostle Victor Hounkpati
Apostle Victor Hounkpati

The Founder and General Overseer of the Hand of God Church of All Nation, located in Dzodze Apostle Victor Hounkpati has donated all Church offerings and additional One-Thousand Ghana Cedis (GH¢1,000) to a poor man and his family during a crusade in Akatsi, Volta Region.

In a statement, management of the Church said, Mr. Patrick Agbemenyo tasted the bitter side of life. Many unpleasant experiences and turmoils of life ruled out every possibility of him succeeding in life.

This is to the extent that even at the age of 50, he still portered loads on trolleys to make a living. Here in Ghana, he’s better described as a ‘truck pusher’


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This is how he managed to cater for his wife and nine children. Under strange circumstances, he got turned down for any job he ever expressed interest in.

He was a real definition of utter failure in life. Every quest to break free from the cycle of poverty only ended him in deep regrets and frustrations. He worked hard but earned little.

This was becoming too dreadful for him at his age since the pressures from his over-burdening life was beginning to weigh him down. He kept asking God when his suffering would end, he couldn’t even pay the school fees of his children. Life for Mr. Agbemenyo had no meaning at all.

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At the Akatsi Invasion Crusade, Apostle Victor Hounkpati located Mr. Agbemenyo and revealed to him the source of his problems.

The man of God told him: ‘I see a curse of poverty following you. No matter how you try, nothing works for you. Its been misery to misery. Grace must speak for you, because your prayer cannot help you out of this situation. This is very sad”

Mr. Agbemenyo burst into tears and narrated his ordeal to the man of God and begged for his assistance. The man of God prayed for him and delivered him from the curse of poverty.

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The spiritual aspect was solved, but how could the physical be mended?

As Mr. Agbemenyo’s situation looked very pathetic and heart wrenching, the man of God then gave him a sum of 1,000 Ghanaian Cedis from his pocket and added all offerings given in the crusade for the night.

Apostle Victor Hounkpati donates all Church offerings, additional GH¢1,000 to a poor family
Apostle Victor Hounkpati donates all Church offerings, additional GH¢1,000 to a poor family

Members of the crowd who got touched by Mr. Agbemenyo’s sad story also donated various sums of money to support him. The man of God took Mr. Agbemenyo’s old wrecked sandals and gave him his anointed shoes to wear. This was a signification of total restoration.

Today, the curse of poverty in Mr. Agbemenyo’s life is finally broken. Thank you Jesus.

SOURCE: Coverghana.com.gh


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