ASEPA describes calling cases base on seniority as archaic

The Alliance for Social Equity and Public Accountability (ASEPA) has described the call by the Attorney General for Judges to call cases based on seniority as archaic.

ASEPA, in it’s write-up indicated that, such a system do not only discourage healthy competition but is also archaic and would not find space in any modern jurisprudence.

The Attorney General, Mr. Godfred Yeboah Dame was said to have indicated that, judges across the country should call cases based on seniority.


Some section of the public, in reaction to this has indicated, it will offer the younger lawyers the opportunity to learn from their seniors who have experience in the profession whiles others believe it’s not necessary since some new lawyers could equally before better than some old lawyers.

ASEPA further indicated that, it is also against the current system of empanelment, where the the Chief Justice unilaterally decides which Judge gets to sit on what case or not.

It believes the practice does not only create room for undue control and unilateralism in the administration of Justice but also could lead to insider trading, bias and prejudices as your case could deliberately be sent to a Judge who is already prejudiced against you, siting the case of Opuni v Justice Honyenuga as an example.

As a suggestion, ASEPA indicates that, it would rather encourage the Judiciary through the E-Justice system to develop an app that distributes cases to Judges in a random and uncontrolled manner that gives every judge equal opportunity at sitting on a case, remove judicial bottlenecks, dissolve the arbitrariness of the Chief Justice and create a more confident system for practicing lawyers.



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