Bishop Charles Agyinasare Never Borrowed a Penny from GN Bank or First Trust Savings & Loans – Perez Chapel defends their founder

The Perez Chapel International has issued a press release speaking on social media reports alleging that the founder of the church bishop Charles Agyinasare borrowed a lot of money and had a hand in the collapse of the FirsT Trust Savings & Loans Company and the GN Bank.

According to the statement released by the church, “Bishop Charles Agyinasare was one time Board Chairman of FirsTrust Savings & Loans Company but never had Bishop Charles Agyinasare or the church he presides over applied for nor
ever received a loan from GN Bank or FirsTrust Savings & Loans alleged.

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The church indicated and urged the general public to disregard this failed attempt to malign Bishop Charles Agyinasare as it is a known fact that all such attacks on the bishop are as a result of he dares and speaks about the ills of society and that it is the attack dog that are have been unleashed on him to sustain the crippling culture of silence in our dear country.

Below is the Press Release issued by the Perez Chapel International




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