Breaking: Ghana Meteorological Agency announces tidal waves warning

Ghana Meteorological Agency
Ghana Meteorological Agency

The Ghana Meteorological Agency has announced an urgent tidal wave warning.

The Ghana Meteorological Agency through the Coastal and Maritime Forecast for Ghana is notifying all seaman on a tidal wave to caution ahead of today’s tidal.

According to news gathered by from the desk of GMet marine, they are notifying all seamen regarding the high tide.


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From the GMet marine desk, today, Saturday April 16th 2022 and Sunday, April 17th 2022 in the evening, a tidal wave will hit the sea roughly.

GMet marine desk added that the state of the sea will be roughly with a high tidal heights of 1.68m and 1.89m are forecast around 3:50 pm and 4:30 pm respectively will hit the sea massively.

Take note: For Saturday, the time is 3:50 pm

Sunday, @4:30pm

Attached is the full forcast



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