Cartious Enyonyoge Aziedu files to contest as NDC Central Tongu Secretary

Cartious Enyonyoge Kojoga Aziedu
Cartious Enyonyoge Kojoga Aziedu

Cartious Enyonyoge Kojoga Aziedu

Cartious Enyonyoge Kojoga Aziedu has filed to contest as National Democratic Congress (NDC) Central Tongu Secretary.

Cartious Enyonyoge Aziedu who is the current Constituency Communications Officer believes that, with his experience over the years in party politics, he could transform the Constituency when elected as the secretary for NDC Central Tongu.


According to Cartious Enyonyoge, he filled the nomination after extensive consultations with his family, friends, branch and other stakeholders.

Cartious Enyonyoge Kojoga Aziedu brings on board enormous experience spanning over 14 years working at the constituency level especially in the Elections and Communications Directorates.

He has since 2011 been representing the party at the District IPAC (DIPAC) and District Registration Review Committee (DRRC) where he defended voter ID applicants who have their registration challenged, among many other roles he does play in the party.

Cartious Enyonyoge Kojoga Aziedu seeks your prayers and support in this journey. He says party first, The Rescue Mission.


Some Few Attributes about Cartious Enyonyoge Kojoga Aziedu

• A very fast learner on the job

• Independent minded

• Trustworthy

• Team player

• Ardent researcher

• Result and people oriented

Some Few Skills about Cartious Enyonyoge Kojoga Aziedu

Cartious Enyonyoge Kojoga Aziedu is very conversant with the following applications and programming languages, among others:

• MS Office Suite especially
Word, Excel, Access and

• LaTeX
• LyX
• Python
• Graph
• MathType
• Matlab
• GeoGebra
• Sage
• R
• Power BI
• Tableau

• Excellent teaching, management, organising, communication skills

• Can work under extreme pressure

• Excellent interpersonal skills

Few Roles Played by Cartious Enyonyoge Kojoga Aziedu in the NDC Party

2006 – 2007: Organiser, Tertiary Education Institutions Network (TEIN), University of Ghana, Legon.

2006 2010: Branch Coopted Member, Mafi-Tsakpo Branch.

• 2008: Elections Monitor for the Mafi-Kumase Zone in the 2008 Presidential and Parliamentary

2008 – 2020: Member, Central Tongu NDC Presidential and Parliamentary Campaigns Teams.

2010 – 2018: Secretary, Mafi-Tsakpo Branch.

2011 – 2018: Member, Central Tongu NDC Communication Team.

2011 – 2022: Election Directorate Member, Central Tongu NDC
Responsible for IT issues (2011 – 2019) and Training.

2012 –  2020: NDC Representative at District Inter-Party Advisory Committee (DIPAC). The Committee responsible for taking major electoral decisions within law at the district level.

2012 – 2020: NDC Representative at District Registration Review Committee (DRRC). The Committee responsible for reviewing challenged applicants during voter registrations.

2012 – 2020: NDC Collation Agent for the 2012, 2016 and 2020 Presidential and Parliamentary Elections.

• 2018 Date: Communications Officer, Central Tongu NDC

• 2020: Secretary to the five-member “The People’s Manifesto” Committee for the 2020 Campaign

• 2018 – Date: Member, Volta Regional NDC Communication Team

• 2020 – Date: Ag. Director of Research, Central Tongu NDC

Some Other Contributions to Leadership and Development in Tongu

2006 – 2010: Secretary, Mafi Amegakofe Students’ Union (MASU)

2007 – 2008: Assistant Secretary, National Union of Tongu Students’ and Associates, Legon Chapter

2008 – 2009 Secretary, National Union of Tongu Students’ and Associates, Legon Chapter

2010 – 2016: Quiz Master, National Union of Tongu Students and Associates’ SHS Quiz Competitions

• 2016: Key Planning Committee Member, Central Tongu Youth Forum

Educational Background of Cartious Enyonyoge Aziedu (Excluding Short Certificate/Diploma Courses)

1992 – 1998: Mafi-Tsakpo LA Basic School – Primary Education/JSS 1

1998 – 2000: Mafi Adidome LA/RC Basic School – JHS 2 – 3

2001 – 2003: Mawuli School, Ho – Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination (SSSCE)

2006 – 2010: University of Ghana, Legon – Bachelor of Science (Mathematics and Computer Science)

2011 – 2013: University of Ghana, Legon Master of Philosophy (Mathematics)

• 2021 – Date: University of Cape Coast/Dominion University College – Doctor of Philosophy (Mathematical Statistics)

Cartious Enyonyoge Aziedu Working Experience

• Teacher, Zoé International School (formally Parents’ Experimental Preparatory School), North Kaneshie, Accra – September 2004 – July 2006

• Volunteer Teacher, Mafi-Kumase Senior High Technical School, Mafi-Kumase – V/R – January 2008 – August 2010 (during vacations)

• National Service Personnel – Mafi-Kumase Senior High Technical School, Mafi-Kumase–V/R – October 2010 – August 2011

• Graduate Assistant – Department of Mathematics, University of Ghana, Legon – Accra –  August 2012 – June 2013

• Teacher, Mafi-Kumase Senior High Technical School, Mafi-Kumase – V/R – August 2013 June 2014

• Assistant Lecturer, Department of Mathematics, University of Ghana, Legon – Accra – August 2014 July 2019:

• Cartious Enyonyoge Aziedu also have numerous consultancies in data analysis and analytics, database management and administration, systems analysis, etc.

Cartious Enyonyoge Aziedu Interests

• Reading and solving mathematical and financial problems.

• Researching into political and academic issues.

• Playing and watching football.

• Computer programming

Few Policies Cartious Enyonyoge Aziedu desire To Implement as Constituency:

• Facilitating, and, together with my competent and like-minded team members, to healing the wounds that have been inflicted on party members especially in the last branch elections to ensure that we have a united ground going in election 2024. We need tact at this time, and not the usual bugabuga!

• Facilitate a more inclusive review to the Umbrella Welfare Scheme and ensure fairness in the way we respond to claims and its disbursements. With the advice of Treasury Department and expert actuaries, I shall propose a radical review.

• Facilitate the building of a robust election machinery and re-uniting the Election Directorate and the newly created IT Directorate to work in harmony, unlike the current case, and to work for the cause the NDC. More specifically, I shall facilitate the process for the Elections Directorate to assume its rightful role in that party and take charge of all elections and not us party executives who have vested interests and always complemented by the IT Directorate.

• Ensure the idea of building a Constituency Party office as initiated by the 2014-2018 administration but have seemed to be completely abandoned by OUR current one. We shall adopt the AFEGO Model! Also, I shall revisit the mid/late 2000’s and re-introduce the Zonal Office System to aid effective party administration.

According to him, he shall also ensure the efficient use of the Ward System for effective Administration of the party. Currently, we don’t value the Ward Coordinators! I shall make them valuable in the scheme of affairs.

“In fact, I shall propose to CEC we assign specific tasks to the 8 Elected Executive Members and the 5 Co-opted Members at the Constituency. Just as all other named portfolios come with prescribed duties, I think the 13-non-portfolioed of the 28-member Constituency Executive Committee ought to be assigned specific roles to play.”

“I  bring onboard a more transparent party administration. No Kululu! I have managed elections in the party before and I trust that under me leadership things will be better” Cartious Enyonyoge Aziedu added.



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