Cement Prices in Ghana – Diamond Cement, GHACEM, Dzata Cement…

List of Cement Companies in Ghana
List of Cement Companies in Ghana

When we talk cement, we are referring to one of the crucial construction materials that are utilized in the production of steel and the hardening of concrete for usage in building structures across the globe.

When it comes to Ghana, you may find a variety of cement brands here, including Ghacem, Dzatah Cement, and Diamond Cement, among others. They also come in different grades and are used for different things.

List of Cement Companies in Ghana


Cement has been in high demand in Ghana for the past three years despite price increases that occur virtually monthly as a result of taxes and the local dollar exchange rate.


Diamond Cement Grades and Prices

Diamond Cement has been one of the oldest cement brands in Ghana which has been in existence since 2002.

The Diamond Cement company is situated in the Volta Region of Ghana, Ketu where all the cement production is done.

Currently, Diamond Cement only produces one kind of cement which cost around Gh¢80 depending on your location in the country.

GHACEM Grades and Prices

Ghacem is one of Ghana’s leading cement companies which has been in existence since 1967.

The company has two of their production plant in Ghana which is located in Team and Takoradi. They also have a lot of depots across the country.

Currently, Ghacem cement comes in 3 grades which are;

  • Ghacem Super RapidCement Class 32.5R
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  • Ghacem Super StrongCement Class 42.5R
  • Ghacem Extra Cement Class 42.5N

The prices of these types of cement range from GH¢80 – GH¢115 depending on where you stayed in the country.

Dzata Cement Grades and Prices

Dzatah Cement is one of Ghana’s owned companies that produce and bags their products here in Ghana.

The company was established in the year 2022 and it’s located in the enclaves of Team Port.

The price of Dzata cement ranges from GH¢55 – GH¢85 depending on where you live in the country and currently it’s one of the cheapest in the market.

Dangote Cement Grades and Prices

Dangote Cement is a Nigerian company that imports and bags its products in Ghana. However, they are the second most popular company in Ghana since 2011.

The company currently only produces one kind of cement in Ghana. A 50kg bag of cement costs around GH¢85.

CIMAF Ghana Cement

Like Dangote Cement, CIMAF is another popular company in Ghana that was in existence since 2011

The company produces different types of cement which can be used for different constructions. Their products come in 3 different kinds with a different prices.

Other brands are; 

  • CIMAF 42.5R which goes for GHC33.20
  • CIMAF 42.5N goes for GHC32.70
  • CIMAF 32.5R goes for GHC32.30

SOURCE: Coverghana.com.gh


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