Central Tongu Constituency executive suspension; suspended member vents internal disorders

Comrade Collins Atsu Kove

Comrade Collins Atsu Kove

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One of the trios in this matter has spoken about internal disorders surrounding the press statement released by his constituency.


In a notice served to the trio signed by the
Communications Officer for NDC Central Tongu Constituency, Brilliant Farhad Ibn Okudzeto, the CEC Central Tongu Constituency of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) it was announced that they have lifted the suspension of trio.

According to the press statement, it was detailed that the trio, Comrade Julius Karl Fieve (Youth Organizer), Comrade Devine Amaglo (Deputy Youth Organizer), and Comrade Collins Atsu Kove (Member) were suspended on 7th May 2023 for misconduct, anti-party behavior, and gross insubordination under article 48 (b&d) of the 9th edition of the NDC Constitution.

The statement further stated that after the trio realized their actions, they showed remorse and offered an apology to the Constituency Executive Committee (CEC) of the party.

However, one of the trio, Comrade Collins Atsu Kove (Member) has also released a press statement dated Monday, 25th September 2023 which ought to shed light on internal imbalances as far as the matter at hand is concerned.

The press statement released by Comrade Collins Atsu Kove (Member)

Suspension Lift by the Central Tongu NDC Constituency Executives

To Whom It May Concern,

I, Collins Atsu Kove, hereby issue this formal statement in response to the recent decision made by the Central Tongu NDC Constituency Executives regarding my suspension, as well as the subsequent publication by Coverghana media. It is important to state that throughout this process, I was not afforded a fair hearing or given an opportunity to present my side of the story.

The decision to suspend me, as claimed by the Central Tongu NDC Constituency Executives in their statement published by Coverghana media, was made without any clarification or investigation into the alleged rumors. It is regrettable that such a significant step has been taken against me without proper adherence to fair procedures and principles of natural justice.

Despite these concerning circumstances, I would like to reiterate my unwavering commitment to the NDC party. In the spirit of promoting unity and harmony within the party, I have chosen to let this issue slide in order to protect the best interests of the NDC party, even though it tarnishes my name before both the party and the public.

Nevertheless, it is imperative to stress that this decision and the subsequent publication have caused tremendous damage to my reputation. It is disheartening to see efforts being made to discredit my integrity without giving me an opportunity to provide a full and fair account of events.

Such actions not only harm my personally but also undermine the credibility of the Central Tongu NDC Constituency Executives.

It is my sincere hope that in the future, there will be a greater emphasis on fairness and transparency within the NDC party, ensuring that due process is followed in any disciplinary actions or decision-making processes.

Upholding the principles of justice and providing individuals with the opportunity to present their side of the story will not only enhance the party’s reputation but also promote trust and cohesion among its members.

Thanks to the members of the NDC party, friends family and the general public for your attention to this matter.

Collins Atsu Kove

SOURCE: Coverghana.com.gh


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