Composition of District Assembly

Ghana Coat of Arms
Ghana Coat of Arms

The Composition of District Assembly basically consist of the membership of the Assembly through appointment and election.

  1. A District Assembly shall consist of the following members:

(a) the District Chief Executive;

(b) one person from each electoral area within the district elected by universal adult suffrage in accordance with regulations made for the purpose by the Electoral Commission;


(c) the member or members of Parliament from the constituencies that fall within the area of authority of the District Assembly; and

(d) other members that shall not exceed thirty per cent of the total membership of the District Assembly appointed by the President in consultation with the traditional authorities and other interest groups in the district.

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2. A member of Parliament shall

(a) be counted among the seventy per cent in the calculation of the thirty per cent of the appointed members; and

(b) not have voting rights.

3. The members appointed under paragraph (d) of subsection (1) may be re-appointed.

4. A District Assembly may conduct its business in English and in any local language common to the communities in the district.

5. The District Co-ordinating Director appointed under subsection (1) of section 75 shall be the Secretary to the District Assembly.

Local Governance Act, 2016: Local Government Service – Download

Membership of District Assembly Election to District Assembly

1. Elections to District Assemblies shall be held once every four years.

2. An election specified in subsection (1) and elections to Parliament shall be held at least six months apart.

3. Whenever a situation arises in which the Electoral Commission is unable to conduct a District Level election, the President may appoint an Interim Management Committee to perform the functions of the Assembly until elections are conducted.


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