Coptic Christian Church: Location, Founder, Branches, Head Pastor, Population, Address

Coptic Christian Church, Giza Egypt
Coptic Christian Church, Giza Egypt

The Abu Sifin church in Egypt is the church which Mo Salah reportedly donated a colossal amount to after the disaster. Coptic Christian Church catches fire in Giza, Egypt.

How many people died in Coptic Christian Church fire outbreak?

41 people reportedly died from the Coptic Christian Church fire whilst 45 people sustained injuries of various degrees. 15 out of the 41 that died are children.

How much did Mohammed Salah donates to the Church in Giza, Egypt?

Mo Salah made a donation of $165,364 to the church to help rebuild it after the fire

Where is the Coptic Christian Church located?

The four storey building Coptic Christian Church is situated in the city of Giza near Cairo, capital of Egypt.

Who is head pastor of the Coptic Christian Church?

The Head of the Coptic Christian Church in Egypt is Pope Tawadros II. He has offered his condolences to the families of the people who died.


Who is the founder of the Coptic Christian Church?

The Church is an Orthodox Church and therefore has no single founder. It was however built in honor of Martyr Abu Sifin.

What is the population of the Coptic Christian Church? 

The exact population of the church is unknown however as at the time of the fire, over 1,000 people had gathered in worship.

Branches of Coptic Christian Church

The church has over 10 branches in Egypt with its head branch in Cairo, capital city of Egypt

This unexpected fire took over the entire Egyptian Coptic Christian Church building and blocked its entrance. This caused a stampede amidst the fear and chaos that had engulfed the members who were trapped inside.



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