Counselor Adofoli reveals how to become a great wife

Counselor Frank Edem Adofoli
Counselor Frank Edem Adofoli

The Professional Counselor and CEO of Marriage LTD Frank Edem Adofoli unveils what it takes to become a great wife.

According to Counselor Adofoli, the definition of a great wife lies in her heart of appreciation. Appreciative woman is a great woman. When a woman appreciates the little a husband do for her, it’s a sign of great wife.

Using a smile or gesture to appreciate your husband is not the best. Express that appreciation using words because, it calms the doubt minds of your man.


Gifts are meant for a reason therefore, put them to use for your husband also to do more. Using the gift from your husband motivates him to do better and more.

“There is a statement that the smarter the woman gets the harder it is for her to find the right man which is not true. The smarter she gets the more difficult it is for her to settle for just anything, what is less or what won’t compliment her but rather try to shrink her to fit into someone else’s personality,” he added.

A great wife is the husband’s glory. Women have to educate, explore and  get more knowledge in the name of humble. They should use their knowledge and life achievements to assist and push their husbands not using them as a threat or an intimidation tool against their man and people around her. Also, he said “Use your knowledge to help him to become the best he can. Let your knowledge bring him blessings and not a curse.”

A woman can be a great wife if she also realize that the man is and must be the head of homes irrespective of her earnings and education elevations. The scriptures supports woman’s submission and identifying the quota of a man in marriage.

Husbands contributes to wife’s greatness spot it and glue to such a man. “Don’t settle for a man who feels insecure about your thirst for knowledge and higher education or success, such a man is not ready for greatness.”

“Leave such a man, rather than trying to lower yourself just to fit him.”

In marriage, hands are meant to assist the other. Couples shouldn’t be bitter about success chalked by their partners.

He advised that “the hands and the head work together as a body but it doesn’t mean the hands and the head are equal or function the same.”

Counselor Adofoli stressed in the popular notion of a beautiful woman saying that, “Another thing that makes a woman a great wife is her beauty, she is beautiful in the way she treats others. She is kind and patience with strangers, her family and more especially her man.

“She understands that being nice towards people is what makes her beautiful. A Great wife is a beautiful woman and her beauty is not defined by her body but her heart.”

Further he pinpointed the great element of great wife saying stating emphatically that, her expressions or finding the best way to express her feelings and emotions tops it all. If she understands that keeping things to herself without talking about it, and pretending all is well only breaks the union down or she ends up venting her frustration, anger on those she loves the most. Then, a slide must shake the husband’s mind. Advise yourself because it’s dangerous to contain a woman of such caliber.

There’s a vast difference between a house and a home. A great wife fills the gap in between the house a home by making it great and appealing. Appealing means a place where love is and a family of love lives.

“Let your (referring to the wife) home be filled with love and laugher that your husband will always look forward to coming home after work.

A great wife must serve the stomach of a man. The narrow path /or great way to a man’s heart is through the stomach. Be a wife that your husband should be eager to meet at home not discussing you at drinking spots with his friends or hanging at an out sketch after the days tedious work schedules. May your be the temple to calm the out stress husbands go through.

Finally, “a great wife is very particular about the health of her family. She must make time and prepare healthy meals for her family, ensures the home is clean, laundry is done, the household stays healthy.

“She is concerned about the physical, emotional and health needs of the family especially her man.

Make time and read the bible verse Proverbs 31:10-11 (AMP). It speaks a lot according to him because
‘an excellent woman (one who is spiritual, capable, intelligent, and virtuous).



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