Courses and Programmes offered by University of Ghana, Legon

University of Ghana (UG)
University of Ghana (UG)

The University of Ghana (UG) is a Public Institution located at Legon of the Greater Accra Region of Ghana.

According to the Auditor-General’s 2021 report, 374 academic programmes are offered at the University of Ghana, Legon.

Out of the 374 courses, 14 of them are Diploma programmes, 80 out of the 374 programmes are Undergraduate courses, Post-Graduate unaccredited courses are 213, and 67 PhD courses.


Below are list of Diploma programmes, Undergraduate courses, Post-Graduate unaccredited and PhD courses offered by the University of Ghana, Legon.

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Courses and programmes offered at the University of Ghana, Legon

B.A. Arabic

B.A. Chinese

B.A. Classics (Philosophy And Classics)

B.A. Economics

B.A. French

B.A. Information Studies

B.A. Russian

B.A. Social Work

B.A. Sociology

B.A. Spanish

B.A. Sports and Physical Studies

B.A. Statistics

B.A. Translation (Modern Languages)

B.Sc. Administration (Health Service Administration)

B.Sc. Agriculture ( Animal Science Management)

B.Sc. Agriculture – Postharvest Technology

B.Sc. Agriculture (Soil Science)

B.Sc. Biotechnology

B.Sc. Computer Engineering

B.Sc. Dietetics

B.Sc. Family and Consumer Science

B.Sc. Food Science

B.Sc. Human Resource Management

B.Sc. Nutrition

B.Sc. Physiotherapy

B.Sc. Psychology

B.Sc. Public Administration

B.Sc. Statistics

B.Sc./B.A. Actuarial Science

Bachelor of Arts in Education (English)

Bachelor of Arts in Education (Non-Teaching)

Bachelor of Dental Surgery

Bachelor of Laws (LLB)

Bachelor of Medicine

Bachelor of Surgery (MBChB)

Bachelor of Pharmacy

Bachelor of Public Health

Bachelor of Science in Education (Mathematics)

Bachelor of Science in Education (Science)

BSc. Business Administration (E-Commerce option)

BSc. Business Administration (Marketing option)

BSc. Chemistry

BSc. Mathematics

BSc. Midwifery

BSc. Nursing

BSc. Physics

Diploma in Agriculture (Animal Production and Health)

Diploma in Agriculture(Soil Science)

Diploma In Archival Studies

Diploma in Crop Science

Diploma in Environmental Health

Diploma in Horticulture

Diploma in Librarianship

Diploma in Post-Harvest Technology

Diploma in Public Administration

Doctor of Pharmacy

Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm. D.) Top-up

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

EMBA Human Resource Management

Executive Master of Science in Fisheries Administration and Management


LLM Alternative Dispute Resolution

M. Biotechnology

M.A International Affairs

M.A. African Studies

M.A. Agriculture Administration

M.A. Alternative Dispute Resolution

M.A. Arabic

M.A. Classics

M.A. Communication Studies

M.A. Conference Interpreting

M.A. Contemporary English Studies

M.A. Development Studies

M.A. Distance Education and E-Learning

M.A. Economic Policy Management

M.A. Educational Leadership

M.A. Educational Leadership and Management

M.A. French

M.A. HIV and AIDS Management

M.A. Human Rights and Administration

M.A. Management and Administration

M.A. Marketing Strategy

M.A. Migration Studies

M.A. Population

M.A. Public Sector Management

M.A. Russian

M.A. Social Policy Studies

M.A. Social Work

M.A. Sociology

M.A. Spanish

M.A. Translation (Modern Languages)

M.A./M.Phil. Education

M.B.A. Human Resource Management

M.Eng Biomedical Engineering

M.Eng. Material Science and Engineering

M.Phil Microbiology

M.Phil Midwifery

M.Phil. Biochemistry

M.Phil. African Studies

M.Phil. Agricultural Extension

M.Phil. Agriculture Administration

M.Phil. Agriculture Economics

M.Phil. Alternative Dispute Resolution

M.Phil. Animal Science (Animal Nutrition)

M.Phil. Animal Science (Animal Physiology)

M.Phil. Animal Science (Breeding and Genetics

M.Phil. Animal Science (Meat science and Technology)

M.Phil. Animal Science (Microbiology and Immunology)

M.Phil. Animal Science (Range and Forage Science)

M.Phil. Applied Epidemiology and Disease Control

M.Phil. Applied Nuclear Physics

M.Phil. Arabic

M.Phil. Biomedical Engineering

M.Phil. Biotechnology

M.Phil. Business Administration – Risk Management and Insurance

M.Phil. Chemistry

M.Phil. Classics

M.Phil. Clinical Immunology

M.Phil. Communication Studies

M.Phil. Computational Nuclear Science and Engineering

M.Phil. Crop Science

M.Phil. Development Studies

M.Phil. Economics

M.Phil. Educational Leadership and

M.Phil. Environmental Sanitation

M.Phil. Family and Consumer Science

M.Phil. Food Science

M.Phil. French

M.Phil. Health Physics and Radiation Protection

M.Phil. HIV and AIDS Management

M.Phil. Horticulture

M.Phil. Human Resource Management

M.Phil. Human Right and Humanitarian Law

M.Phil. in Health Services Management

M.Phil. Management Information Systems

M.Phil. Material Science and Engineering

M.Phil. Mathematics

M.Phil. Migration Studies

M.Phil. Molecular Biology

M.Phil. Molecular Cell Biology and Infectious Disease

M.Phil. Nuclear and Radiochemistry

M.Phil. Nuclear Engineering

M.Phil. Nursing

M.Phil. Nutrition

M.Phil. Operations Management

M.Phil. Paediatric Nursing

M.Phil. Pharmacology

M.Phil. Physics

M.Phil. Political Science

M.Phil. Population Studies

M.Phil. Post-Harvest Technology

M.Phil. Psychology

M.Phil. Public Administration

M.Phil. Risk Management and Insurance

M.Phil. Russian

M.Phil. Seed Science and Technology

M.Phil. Social Work

M.Phil. Sociology

M.Phil. Soil Science

M.Phil. Spanish

M.Phil. Statistics

M.Phil. Sustainability Science

M.Sc Bioethics

M.Sc Biostatistics

M.Sc. Accounting and Finance

M.Sc. Actuarial Science

M.Sc. Applied Health and Social Science

M.Sc. Audiology

M.Sc. Biotechnology

M.Sc. Clinical Leadership and Management

M.Sc. Clinical Trials

M.Sc. Development Finance

M.Sc. Dietetics

M.Sc. Geoinformation Science

M.Sc. Hospitality and Tourism Management

M.Sc. Midwifery

M.Sc. Procurement and Supply Chain Management

Master in Paediatric Nursing

Master of Agricultural Extension

Master of Health Economics

Master of Laws (LLM) Alternative Dispute Resolution

Master of Public Health

Master of Public Health (Monitoring and Evaluation)

Master of Research in Public Policy(M.RPP)

Masters in Agriculture(Soil Science)

MBA Health Services Management

MBA Management Information Systems

Medical Biochemistry

MPhil Actuarial Science

MSc. Financial Risk Management

MSc. Genetic Counselling

MSc. Health Informatics

MSc. International Business

MSc. Mathematics

MSc. Nursing

Ph.D. Biochemistry

Ph.D. Accounting

Ph.D. African Studies

Ph.D. Agribusiness

Ph.D. Agricultural Administration

Ph.D. Agricultural Extension

Ph.D. Agriculture Economics

Ph.D. Applied Agricultural Economics and Policy

Ph.D. Biomedical Engineering

Ph.D. Chemistry

Ph.D. Communication Studies

Ph.D. Development Economics

Ph.D. Development Studies

Ph.D. Food Science

Ph.D. Health Physics and Radiation Protection

Ph.D. Health Policy and Management

Ph.D. Information Systems

Ph.D. Marketing

Ph.D. Material Science and Engineering

Ph.D. Mathematics

Ph.D. Migration Studies

Ph.D. Molecular Cell Biology and Infectious Disease

Ph.D. Nutrition

Ph.D. Physics

Ph.D. Plant and Environmental Biology

Ph.D. Plant Breeding

Ph.D. Population Studies

Ph.D. Psychology

Ph.D. Public Health

Ph.D. Social Policy Studies

Ph.D. Soil Science

Ph.D. Statistics

PhD French

PhD Geography and Resource Development

PhD Geography and Resource Development

PhD Law

PhD Microbiology

PhD Public Administration and Policy Management

PhD Social Work

PhD. Nursing



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