Divisions and Units under Ghana Education Service (GES)

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Divisions and Units under Ghana Education Service (GES)

Divisions and Units under the Ghana Education Service (GES) have been compiled in this article for public consumption.

Find below, the full list of the Divisions and Units under the Ghana Education Service (GES):

1. Human Resource Management Division

2. General Administration Division

3. Finance Division

4. Special Education Division (SPED)

5. Schools and Instructions Division

6. Supplies & Logistics

7. Legal Unit

8. Internal Audit Unit

9. Public Relations Unit

10. Partnerships and Affiliations Unit

11. Postings and Transfer Unit

12. IPPD Unit

13. Staff Development Unit

14. Welfare Unit

15. Estate Unit

16. Planning and Infrastructure Unit

17. Transport Unit

18. Registry

19. Guidance & Counselling Unit

20. Girls Education Unit

21. School Health Education Programme (SHEP) Unit

22. Physical Education and Sports Unit

23. Stores

24. Budget Unit

25. Accounts Unit

26. IT Unit

27. Pensions & Statistics Unit

28. Culture Unit

Description of Activities of each Division and Unit

Division/Unit Responsibilities/Activities

Human Resource Division

• Responsible for staff development and rationalization.
• Equitable distribution of teachers in all schools.

General Administration Division

• Responsible for the day-to-day running of GES.

Finance Division

• Management of all economic activities of the service.

Special Education Division

• To facilitate effective administration of Special Schools.

• Provision of educational facilities and services for children and young people with Disabilities and Special Educational Needs (SEN).
• To transcribe textbooks and other reading materials into Braille.
• Screening and Assessment of children for early identification, correct placement in schools and other interventional measures.
• Capacity building of Special Teachers across the sector at the pre-tertiary level.
• Provision of appropriate Teaching and Learning Materials and Assistive Devices for learners at the pre-tertiary level.
• Ensure and facilitate the timely release of feeding grants to special schools.
• Supervision and monitoring of special schools and units.

Schools and Instructions Division

• Responsible for both Basic and Secondary Education activities in the country.

Supplies & Logistics

• To ensure that educational materials (teaching and learning) and other relevant logistics are efficiently procured and equitably distributed to all public pre-tertiary schools across the country and also to provide the procurement needs of the headquarters

Legal Unit

• The objective of the unit is to act as a liaison between GES and office of the Attorney General who is the chief legal advisor for Government and its agencies in Ghana. The unit is also responsible for ensuring perfection of title to all landed property belonging to the GES and to generally act as an in-house counsel providing first line legal advice to the Director-General.

Internal Audit Unit

• Pre auditing of all financials of the service in relation to budgets, expenditure and procurement.

Public Relations (PR) Unit

• Responsible for corporate communication and public affairs activities.

Partnerships and Affiliations Unit

• Maintains relationships with all partners of the Service both, non-profit and government

Postings and Transfer Unit

Some of the responsibilities of the unit include:

• Posting of newly trained teachers.
• Posting of teachers returning from study leave.
• Inter-regional transfers

• Other letters such as resignation, sick leave, leave without pay, permission to travel and re-engagement.

Payroll Unit (IPPD)

• Manages and maintains the Integrated Personnel Payroll Database (IPPD)

Staff Development Unit

• Facilitate training of GES staff

• Monitors staff furthering their studies (sandwich, distance, etc.)
• Other responsibilities include professional standing and confirmation of study leave

Welfare Unit

• Performs administrative functions by serving as advice bureau to the staff of GES.
• Plays a facilitating role in assisting officers to acquire basic human needs.

Estate Unit

• Day to day management of the facility (headquarters).
• Day to day management of all residential properties.
• General maintenance and repairs of all assets.
• Boarding of assets to various regional, districts and schools.

Planning and Infrastructure Unit

• Planning and monitoring the implementation of education policies.
• Collects and analyses data for planning purposes.

• Coordination of funded projects and ensures that they are consistent with official policy

Transport Unit

• Responsible for allocation, maintenance and repair of vehicles for GES staff.


• Responsible for receiving letters and correspondence to the service and dispatch to the respective regions.

Guidance and Counselling (G&C) Unit

Guidance and Counselling is a support service that is aimed at helping individuals discover and develop their educational, vocational and psychological potentials and thereby achieve an optimal level of personal happiness and social usefulness.

To achieve the above goal, the Unit performs the under listed functions within the Ghana Education Service:

• Planning, Coordinating and Supervising guidance services within the country.
• Training of school-based as well as Regional and District Guidance and Counselling
Coordinators for effective guidance service delivery.
• Collaborating with relevant partners including parents to meet the psychosocial needs of
• Collaborating with Tertiary institutions with focus on psychology and education to prepare or develop tests and tools of assessment.
• Providing free consultancy to teachers, parents and general public on relevant psychological issues.
• Leading GES’ mandate to promoting safe, secure and supportive environment for learning under the “Safe School” Programme.

Girls Education Unit

• Provides all technical and oversight responsibility for all gender-related programmes of the GES.
• Coordinates with all relevant institutions to advance policy and planning of girls’ education.
• Research on issues relating to girls’ education and disseminate the findings to policy makers, district assemblies and all relevant stakeholders

• Act as a pressure group within the Ministry of Education to advocate for strategies that advance the implementation of policies related to enhancing girls’ education
• Collaborate with divisions and specialized units in GES on gender-related issues
• Liaise with the Curriculum Research Development Division and textbook writers to correct
gender stereotyping in specific subjects and textbooks to ensure gender balance in illustrations
• Collaborate with Partners to implement projects related to girls’ education
• Advocate for the rights of girls in school
• Examine and develop national and regional strategies for improving enrolment, retention,
transition, completion and achievement of girls at the pre-tertiary level

School Health Education Programme (SHEP) Unit

• The goal of the SHEP is to ensure the provision of comprehensive health and nutrition education and related support services in schools to equip children with basic life skills for healthy living, which will lead to improvements in child survival and educational outcomes, including school enrolment, retention and academic performance.

Physical education and Sports Unit

• Promotion and development of physical education and sports within the regions.
• Monitoring and supervision of teaching of PE in the regions

• Coordination of Independence Anniversary Celebrations and Student Cadets activities for Pre- Tertiary Education in the Country


• Inventory management and allocation

Budget Unit

• Preparation and monitoring of the implementation of annual budget of the service.

Accounts Unit

• Preparation of financial statements for the Service
• Handling of financial issues in connection with the Service

IT Unit

• Networking
• Data collection

• Database Management
• Maintaining inventory of ICT equipment, hardware and software
• Support capacity building initiatives remotely or on-site to staff
• Prepare statistical reports on ICT related data and metrics Configuration and maintenance of application and user devices

Pensions & Statistics Unit

• Processing of documentation for GES officers who are due for compulsory retirement and those who request voluntary requirement.
• Additional documents processed include; commuted pensions, death gratuity, introductory letters for commuted pension beneficiaries, condonation of break-in-service and tier 2 pensions.

Art and Cultural Education Unit

• Responsible for promoting the Ghanaian culture through the coordination of Cultural Arts in the forms of performing, visual and applied arts in pre-tertiary schools.
• Preparing, monitoring and supervising annual cultural events such as festivals of Arts, Cook Art, Fashion and Design, etc.
• Organizing workshops for RMMD cultural coordinators.

• Monitoring and supervising the teaching and learning of cultural related subjects in our pre-tertiary schools e.g., Creative arts, BDT, Home Economics, Visual Arts and Ghanaian Language.

• Overseeing and implementing projects related to Arts and Cultural education

Responsibilities of the Institution

GES is responsible for the implementation of approved national pre-tertiary educational policies and programmes to ensure that all Ghanaian children of school-going age irrespective of tribe, gender, disability, religious and political affiliations are provided with inclusive and equitable quality formal education.

SOURCE: Coverghana.com.gh


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