Dr Stephen Amoah blames NDC for Placing taxes on fuel (+VIDEO)

Dr. Stephen Amoah
Dr. Stephen Amoah MP Nhyiaeso

The Member of Parliament for the Nhyiaeso constituency Dr Stephen Amoah has blamed the opposition National Democratic Congress for introducing the many taxes that are on fuel currently.

Speaking on a television show on Joynews, the Nhyiaeso lawmaker stated that most of the taxes on fuel today were introduce by the National Democratic Congress some years ago when they were in power.

He further added that, the deregulation policy which has made Government unable to subsidize fuel prices was also implemented by the opposition National Democratic Congress.

“Most of the taxes on the fuel today, who put them on, is it not NDC government?” – MP, Nhyiaeso, Dr Stephen Amoah quizzed on Joynews.




Some Ghanaians have been reacting to the comments made by Dr Stephen Amoah. Below are some of the comments.

@Oheek1 in his comments Said “You told Ghanaians they were nuisance taxes and that you’ll remove those obnoxious, taxes when voted to power. 5 years now you’re still asking who put them on. Is everything ok. Abufusem”

@Interbiy1908 also added that ” How can Stephen Amoah blame NDC when his Gov’t is in power now and yet have failed to review taxes on petroleum products. If NDC placed those taxes on fuel, simply remove them to make life bearable for Ghanaians. Take responsibility and stop making excuses.”

@KwameSarpon2 said “Those Petrolum taxes hand a sunset clause which has come to end but hthe government have extended the duration of those  tax.”

SOURCE : Coverghana.com.gh


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