Dr. UN Arrested at Hello FM after an Interview

Dr. UN
Dr. UN
The information available to coverghana.com.gh indicates that Dr. Kwame Owusu fodjour Popularly called Dr. UN has been arrested.

According to the information, Dr. UN who successfully presented  ‘fake’ Awards to many celebrities and top Government officials in the country was arrested after an interview on Hello FM today.

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In the video sighted by coverghana, Dr. Kwame fodjour after an interview on Hello FM was arrested by some persons believed to be National Security Operatives with a warrant.

In the video, Dr. Kwame Owusu fodjour now popularly called Dr U.N indicated that his arrest will amount to nothing.

However, the cause of Dr. Kwame Owusu fodjour is not yet known.

Watch the Video Below


SOURCE: Coverghana.com.gh

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