Education Concept and Social Institute outlines measures to guide reopening of schools

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The Education Concept and Social Institute (ECSI), Ghana, an education think tank which seeks to identify the shortfalls in educational system and to add up decisions on how best they can be reduced and if possible curbed, has also joined pre-tertiary teacher unions in advocating for teachers and students in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Education Concept and Social Institute (ECSI), Ghana in a statement issued to has also outlined some key and critical measures and guidelines to be considered by the Ghana Education Service and the Ministry of Education before arriving at decisions to reopen schools.

A think tank that seeks to improve upon the quality of education through active research on the possible causes of students poor performance ranging from Primary education to Senior High school said, reopening schools will effectively depend on the readiness and preparedness of our education system to contain subsequent challenges that may result from COVID-19 infections. in an interview with the Convener of the think thank, Mr. Ernest Kwame Adade, said the Education Concept and Social Institute (ECSI) do not totally support the proposals to reopen schools in the midst of the wide spreading novel coronavirus pandemic. That notwithstanding, if president Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo decides to lift ban on public gatherings in his next address leading to reopening of schools, GES and MoE must consider putting in place key precautionary measures to safeguard the life of teachers and students in an entrenched position to reopen schools.

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Before schools can reopen, there is the need to look exclusively at these 4P measures.

1. Provide the schools with the necessary infrastructure to meet all the World Health Organization (WHO) safety protocols.

2. Psych teachers, learners and parents as per the safety measures provided for them to be willing to go back to school.

3. Prepare and equip teachers with adequate knowledge on how to respond to some risk complaints made by learners.

4. Provide a system in the schools where the Ghana Health Service will have a direct link with the various schools to respond rapidly to some likely COVID-19 related complaints.

They added that, schools must however be reopened progressively.


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