Educational Workers Connect wishes 2020 BECE candidates success and cautions WAEC

According to Lydia Sweatt,” Successful people do not become that way overnight. What people see at a glance ie happiness, wealth, a great career etc is the result of hard work and hustle over time”.

The Educational Workers Connect whose ultimate goal is to advocate and sustain quality education across the country once again  deems it appropriate and timely to extend our warmest goodwill message to our brothers and sisters who are in their final year and commencing their BECE  this Monday full of optimism and equally caution WAEC, the custodian of the examination not to pander to the whims and caprices of any individual, organisation and state to further damage their already questionable image.

We are very much gladdened that, at long last, our brothers and sisters who are in their final year get to demonstrate to the whole world what they are made of. We therefore wish to use this unique  opportunity to extend our  goodwill message to them and to encourage them to get focused and  pass their exams with excellent grades.

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We are very much aware of the stress, psychological trauma and the uncomfortable environment in which they found themselves to attend all their classes and are finally commencing their final exams tomorrow.

We are however encouraged that, in spite of all these challenges, many of them have remained resolute, focussed and have navigated through the turbulent situations and are poised to pass their examination.

We wish to remind them that, exams are perfect occasions for showcasing their talents and determination.

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It is also not only a test of academic knowledge, it is also a test of their calmness, stability and courage. Therefore, we urge them to remain calm, stable and confident in the exams hall and leave the rest to our Almighty God to take care of.

Most importantly, we wish to caution them to stay away from all forms of exam malpractices ie, copying from friends in the exams hall, sending foreign materials popularly called “apor” into the halls, depending on questions from wherever before the exams and copying  from friends in the exam halls. Be reminded that you do not have any entitlement to steal in the examination hall as we saw recently.

This is very crucial to us because, we recognise the fact all your hard works, sacrifices and toils over the years will come to not if you  are caught indulging yourselves in any of the unacceptable practices mentioned above.

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You  must know that,if you engage in those negative acts, it can potentially jeopardize your future even as you hope to progress in life. It can also erase all the gains you might have made  throughout your  stay on campus. This we want our final year students to remember and be guided throughout the writing of the exams. We urge you to take a cue from some of the unfortunate and reprehensible acts exhibited by some of their seniors who recently completed their final WASCCE.

We therefore urge you  to once again remain confident of yourselves  and reproduce what you  were taught and  what you studied. We also urge you not to wholly depend on the Past questions contained in the pamphlet  given to you  by the government. Rather, we urge you to complement that with everything that your hardworking teachers taught you  over the years.

Of course, our wishes cannot be complete without appreciating and acknowledging the enormous contributions made by our gallant and dedicated teachers across the country who have put their lives on the line in this COVID-19 situation all with the view to adequately preparing these students to be able to do well in their exams. God bless and reward you bountifully.

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We also wish to once again caution WAEC to guide and guard the sanctity of the examination by ensuring that  we do not hear of any questions finding their way into the public domain before the students write those papers. We are saying this knowing too well the numerous allegations, some factual of exams leakages here and there. These unfortunate happenings further go to worsen the already battered image of the examination body.
They should remember that, once bitten twice shy and  do well to restore their image and integrity.

We end our goodwill message to our students with one famous, inspirational and motivational quote that” Do not stress, do your best, forget the rest!” We implore our students to always remember this and remain calm, confident, stable and pray for God to crown all their efforts with emphatic success.

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Once again, our brothers and sisters,stay away from the  exam malpractices.
God bless you and be assured of success.

Daniel Yao Agbezudor
(Executive Director)



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