Some female Celebrities in Ghana have descended on Radio and Television show host Berla Mundi for allowing a lady to narrate how she was raped by a police officer in a way that seems like it was a comedy.

Ghanaian Celebrities like singer Stephanie Benson, actress Efia Odo and singer sister Derby descended heavily on the hos Berla Mundi for allowing such a thing to happen on her show with her as the host.

In a tweet, singer Stephanie Benson said;  A Girl talking about a violent Rape like a comedy show. An Emotionless Presenter Responding to Rape Victim like they’re talking about a Bad Film. If that wasn’t bad enough a fucking laughing Audience. What the Hell is wrong with society. God Forgive

Controversial actress Efia Odo also resting to the show in a tweet said;

The host of the show couldn’t take a few
seconds to speak to the audience and
tell them that this is no laughing matter?
Goes to show how we Africans don’t
take rape serious


Singer Sister Derby also reacting to the show in a series of tweets said;


“Why am I not surprised at who the host
is? Someone who unfollowed me only
because l called her out on her sexist
and partriarchal tweet a few months
ago. Host/MC (master of ceremony) yet
you cannot control the audience nor
educate them on the seriousness of the

“Someone who insisted on making a whole interview with me on live television about me being against another woman, instead of exposing the guilt of a man in question, when I was only there to promote my EP. I’m sure she was even tempted to ask what the girl was wearing.” Sister Derby added.



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