Fact-Check: No teacher trainee impregnated 24 students, a headmistress and 4 female teachers 

A filed photo of a pregnant lady
A filed photo of a pregnant lady

Coverghana.com.gh independent fact-checks have confirmed that, there is no teacher trainee who has impregnated 24 girls (students), a headmistress and 4 female teachers in Asokore Mampong Municipality in the Ashanti Region as being speculated on social media.

In the early hours of Friday, June 3, 2022, a story published by one Sir Obed Fieve of voltawebpage.com indicated that a teacher trainee on teaching practice at Asokore Mampong Municipality in the Ashanti Region has impregnated 24 students, a headmistress and 4 female teachers.

Few minutes after the publication, a section of Ghanaians took to social media to chastised teachers, insulted them and even described them as unprofessional public sector workers.


The news has generated public uproar between some teachers and other Ghanaians on social media. Many teachers believed that, the publication is an indictment on the teaching profession and must be investigated by the Teacher Unions and the Law enforcement Agencies.

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In an earlier publication, the immediate past National Coordinator of the Teacher Trainees’ Association of Ghana (TTAG), Joshua Owusu Yeboah has called on teacher unions to call for the arrest of the publisher of a story trending on social media against their noble teaching profession.

According to him, the arrest of the said publisher would go a long way to redeem and restore the integrity of teachers and the teaching profession, since the said story indicated that, a headmistress and four other female teachers were impregnated by a practicing teacher trainee.

Our checks have indicated that, the publication from voltawebpage.com copied by other online news portals is false after a disclaimer was issued by Asokore Mampong Municipal Education Directorate, stating clearly that, nothing like that has happened in the Municipality.

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Coverghana Fact-checks on the fake publication

Coverghana fact-checks have revealed that, there is no way, teacher trainees in one College would be posted to a school in another region to do macro teaching (teaching practice/out programme) unless the College is situated at the boundary between two regions where the STS Unit can decide to post students to schools outside the region of the college considering the proximity/or the catchment area of the schools.

Also, our checks have confirmed that, teacher trainees do observation while in level 100 and 200 in Basic schools within the District/Municipal/Metropolitan of their College (Where their College is located) or nearby Districts within same Region.

It is also revealed that, the Supported Teaching in Schools (STS) Unit in each College may assign teacher trainees to continue their observation at home (A school of their choice which may be outside the District and Region of their College). This is different from Teaching Practice (Macro Teaching).


While in level 300, the teacher trainees are posted to schools by the College’s STS Unit to take partial control of the classroom while in College. In level 400, the students are again posted by the same STS Unit to schools within the District of the College or in schools in nearby Districts of same Region closer to the College. This proximity is basically determined by the STS Unit of the College.

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With the publication from voltawebpage.com, saying a College in the Western Region has posted a teacher trainee to Asokore Mampong Municipality in the Ashanti Region to do Teaching Practice (Macro Teaching) and has therefore impregnated 24 students, a headmistress and 4 female teachers is entirely false.

A simple analysis of the story would help one to understand and know the malicious intention of the publisher. This is because, the proximity is a key factor in considering where a teacher trainee is sent to embark on teaching practice.

This is because, there is only one female College of Education in the Western Region. Before the creation of Western North Region from the old Western Region, there were only four (4) Colleges of Education in the then Western Region. These are Enchi College of Education, Bia Lamplighter College of Education, Wiawso College of Education and Holy Child College of Education (Female College).

The Western Region (New Region) has only one College of Education (Holy Child College of Education), which happens to be an all female College of Education. This is a clear indication that, there couldn’t be any possibility of a female trainee impregnating other 24 female students, to even talk of female teachers and a headmistress.

Our Check again confirmed that, aside the STS, none of the above Colleges can post teacher trainees to Asokore Mampong Municipality in the Ashanti Region for teaching practice (Macro Teaching) based on proximity.

There couldn’t be any possibility for a College of Education in the Western Region to permit its teacher trainees to undergo teaching practice in the Ashanti Region, as stipulated by the said fake news.

Also, teacher trainees have only embarked on one teaching practice (Macro teaching) which lasted for only four months in 2021 (September 2021 to December 2021) since the introduction of the B.Ed programme in the Colleges (excluding their Supported Teaching in Schools- STS).

Source: Coverghana.com.gh


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