Fix disrespect for the old; Prof. Kwesi Yankah tells Ghanaian youths

Professor Kwesi Yankah

Professor Kwesi Yankah

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The Former Minister of State in Charge of Tertiary Education, an educationist and author Professor Kwesi Yankah says, it’s very important Ghanaian youths fix disrespect for the old in the country.

He explained without any equivocation that, if there is one thing our youths should add to the litany of fixes as demonstrated in the recent FixTheCountry demonstration, them it is #FixDisrespectForTheOld.

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“A long-awaited #Fixthecountry demo has now come to pass; and we thank the good Lord no major incidents were recorded, that are worthy of our worries, except for possible health concerns the day after!!”

According to the Agona East Constituency Former Lawmaker, his major worry has to do with an attempt in the past few months to tilt logic from pro-youth activism, to a stigmatization of the old.  The youth bulge is a headache for governments across Africa, and any Government that does not prioritize employment for the young ones, foreshadows its own demise.

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He said, a trend is gradually emerging that could rise to a crescendo and endanger older adults, not qualified to be called youth. “I get a sense of this in popular responses to some appointments made by Government.” He added.

Prof. Yankah noted that, the trend has unfortunately shifted to Fix the Country sentiments, where foundations of the country’s unfixed issues, may be traced to the old, led by a ‘decrepit’ Man at Jubilee. “Some placards and sentiments I have read, are awful, dreadful and an indictment on our upbringing.”

“This should be a concern to us all as parents. I speak with the hindsight of a scary history when one leader burst unto the scene years ago, and through posturing alone, sent shivers down the spine of Ghanaians above 45 years!  Our fathers and mothers suddenly became endangered species, seeing horrors that had been visited in another country upon people unfortunate to have been ageing.”

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“My fears are doubled by gory incidents in parts of the country, where old age among women is demonized, and frail ones who would have needed social support, are brazenly assaulted, whipped to a pulp and sometimes bundled to their graves.  The crime of ageing.”

“Yes, debate about people’s competence and capabilities should continue, but we needn’t suddenly stigmatize the old, giving them a bad name, and overnight denouncing wisdom and experience as the weak links in governance.”

“If there is one thing our youths should add to the litany of fixes, it is #FixDisrespectForTheOld. I rest my walking stick.” He explained.



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