Free Online NTC course for 4 CPD points -Check

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Free online NTC course for 4 CPD points -Check

The National Teaching Council (NTC) is in the process of reviewing its policy on total point accumulation for Professional Development (PD) and taking steps to eliminate dubious service providers from the system. Despite this ongoing review, the accumulation of PD points is still in progress.

The council has announced its intention to revise the Total CPD Point accumulation for various teaching ranks as follows:

  1. SUP I: 65 CPD points to 20 CPD points per year
  2. Senior SUP II: 70 CPD points to 20 CPD points per year
  3. Senior SUP I: 75 CPD points to 20 CPD points per year
  4. PS: 80 CPD points to 20 CPD points per year

Under the revised policy, all teaching ranks will need to accumulate a minimum of 20 CPD points per year. Out of these 20 points, 60% (12 CPD points) will be awarded by the employer, which is the Ghana Education Service (GES) through its Professional Learning Communities (PLC) and In-Service Education and Training (INSET) programs.

The Council said to obtain information on INSET data and CPD points, teachers are advised to contact their respective districts. It is important not to assume that districts do not know how to provide this information, as most districts are actively engaged in the process.

Structure for accumulating CPD points for Basic School teachers

For teachers in Basic Schools who are currently running three terms, the accumulation of CPD points is structured as follows:

  1. PLC: Accumulate 2 CPD points from PLC each term, resulting in a total of 6 CPD points for the three terms.
  2. CPD Day: Obtain 2 CPD points each term from CPD Day, leading to a total of 6 points for the three terms. Overall, a total of 12 points can be accumulated.

Structure for accumulating CPD points for SHS System School

For SHS Semester Schools operating on a semester system, the accumulation of CPD points is organized as follows:

  1. PLC: Obtain 2 CPD points at the beginning, mid-semester, and end of each semester for Semester 1, resulting in a total of 6 CPD points. The same applies to Semester 2, making it 6 CPD points for the year. Both PLC and CPD Day points are mandatory for accumulation.
  2. CPD Day: Similar to Basic Schools, teachers can obtain 2 CPD points each term from CPD Day.

Teachers are also recommended to pursue additional training to accumulate the remaining 40% (8 CPD points) of CPD points. They can engage in other professional courses throughout the year, which will contribute 4 CPD points. Additionally, CPD service providers can offer courses that provide 4 CPD points, allowing teachers to accumulate a total of 8 CPD points from external sources.

Regarding already accumulated CPD points, some teachers may currently have more than the required 20 CPD points. In such cases, the council will consider the accumulation of 20 points and may allow the remaining accumulated points to be rolled over provided they meet the criteria.

Introduced New Course for 4 CPD Points

A new online course is now available for teachers to earn 4 CPD points. This course, “Coaching and Mentoring Course for GALOP School Teachers,” is offered by GALOP: Ghana Accountability for Learning Outcomes Project. The GALOP project aims to improve the quality of education in the low-performing basic education sector with a focus on equity and accountability.

Registration process

To participate in the online Coaching and Mentoring Course for GALOP School Teachers, selected participants are required to provide the following details through the provided Google link:

  1. First Name:
  2. Last Name:
  3. Gender:
  4. Email: (The email must be the same as the one used on the Tpg portal.)
  5. Age:
  6. Name of School/Station:
  7. Professional Status: Level of Practice:
  8. License Number: (It should be the one that starts with PT/0000000. It can be obtained from the License card or the Tpg portal after login.) Phone Number: Region:

Please ensure that all the required information is accurately provided when registering for the Coaching and Mentoring Course for GALOP School Teachers.

The NTC encourages teachers to take advantage of this new course and actively engage in professional development activities. By accumulating the required CPD points, teachers can enhance their skills, knowledge, and teaching practices, ultimately contributing to the improvement of the education sector in Ghana.

It is important to stay updated on the latest developments and announcements from the NTC regarding the ongoing review of the CPD policy. Teachers are advised to regularly check the NTC’s official channels and communicate with their respective districts for any updates or clarifications.

Remember, professional development is a continuous process that benefits both educators and students. By actively participating in CPD programs and courses, teachers can strive for excellence in their profession and positively impact the learning outcomes of their students.

For any further inquiries or assistance, please reach out to the National Teaching Council (NTC) or your District Education Office.


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