General Issues and Observations from the 2021 PC of the MMDAs [Local Government Service]

Ghana Coat of Arms

Ghana Coat of Arms

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The Local Government Service has outlined some General Issues and Observations from the 2021 PC of the Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies (MMDAs) ranking across the sixteen administrative regions of Ghana.

The report provided a detailed appendix, evaluation, performance indicators among many on how the various MMDAs functioned understand the period of review. Below is the general issues and observations as released by the Local Government Service.

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1. Over and Under Scoring of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

2. Failure of most MMDCDs to share contents of the Performance Contracts with their Staff

3. Failure to comply with timelines in submitting documents

4. Poor Records Keeping and Management

5. Lack of commitment of MMDCEs to the PMS/PC

6. Irregular and Inadequate Statutory Fund Flows

7. Poor supervision of MMDAs Performance Contracts by the RCCs

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8. Electronic storage of correspondence was poor in most MMDAs (no registry software and/or functional scanner).

9. Washrooms for both staff and visitors were in deplorable states i.e. no running water and soap. In some MMDAs, the washrooms were unroofed urinals with no toilet facility e.g. Lawra, Sissala East, Sene West, Atebubu – Amantin, Pru East, Akyemansa. Birim North, Kwahu Afram Plains North, etc.

10. There were inadequate staff such as Physical Planning officers, MIS officers, HR
Managers, Records officers and Auxiliary staff in most MMDAs.

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11. In some MMDAs, some staff were not present at the time of visiting and with no official reasons for their absence or unavailability. Such as Wa Municpal and Pru East DA.

12. Poor leadership and coordination in MMDAs. Some MMDCDs failed to adequately coordinate and organize their staff to be fully prepared with their files and reports in some areas; Kintampo South, Kintampo North, Wa MA, Ga Central, Keta, Krachi Nchumuru, Ho West and Ningo Prampram etc.

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13. Functionality of the Client Service Unit was an overall challenge with issues such as poorly trained staff, no staff, lack of logistics; lack of complaint log books, scanners, printers etc.

14. Staff unprofessionalism/apathy in some MMDAs such as Wa MA, Ho West, Kintampo North & Kintampo South DA affected productivity.

15. Websites were poorly managed (some MMDAs still depend on the platform). A number of MMDAs do not also update their websites. A few MMDAs do  not have websites.

16. Some MMDAs have inadequate office space, especially the newly created ones

17. Covid-19 had a large impact on the implementation of plans of MMDAs and that affected their performance in areas like large crowd meetings and organizing of trainings.

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18. Unsigned minutes of meeting in most MMDAs.

19. Most MMDAs have issues with the HRMIS software and compliance with staff
appraisal instrument as well.

20. Most MMDAs had local plans but no Structural Plans and District Spatial Development Framework.

21. Most MMDAs performed poorly in the planning and implementation of gender-based interventions; Some MMDAs have Gender Desk Officers while others rely on
Development planning or SWCD thus cases are handled differently across different

22. Most MMDAs did not have a Disaster Preparedness Action Plan and implementation report.

23. Most Audit Committees are functioning but not effective. A few MMDAs do not have the committee set up.

24. Generally, report writing is a challenge for MMDAs.

25. Most training workshops had one report written to cover several training activities, which is not the best practice.

26 Landscaping in most of the Assemblies need to be improved.

27. Under staffing in rural Assemblies and overstaffing in urban Assemblies

28. Office accommodation was inadequate for the most of the newly created RCCs especially Bono East, Western North and Ahafo.

29. Washrooms of RCCs were fairly managed well with running water and soap.

30. Most RCCs have active website but all updates were about the Regional Minister and other political activities and none of activities of Departments of the RCC.

Local Government Service- 2020 Performance Evaluation Report on RCCs & MMDAs

1. Departmental monitoring and technical backstopping reports were not sent to OHLGS and the relevant MDAs through the RCC.

2. Most departmental heads forwarded these reports directly from their offices and signed the transmittal letters on behalf of their RCDs.

3. Submission of quarterly departmental reports through RCDs is still not done regularly.

4. Administration blocks for newly created RCCs not completed

5. The Greater Accra RCC building is in a very deplorable state

6. Funding remains a problem for the RCCs especially for in depth monitoring.

7. Covid-19 had a large impact on the implementation of plans of RCCs and that affected their performance in areas like large crowd meetings and organizing of trainings.

8. Most RCCs had their incoming and outgoing mails computerized but some RCCs do not update timeously.

9. GIFMIS system has not been set up for some newly created RCCs.

Phase Four (Decision Making): The following are the guiding principles for decision making (rewards and sanctions) on the results of the Annual Performance Evaluation:

1. RCCs and MMDAs will be acknowledged based on their Performance;

2. The best 10 MMDAs and best 3 RCCs that obtain the highest scores will be given special acknowledgement and award;

3. Any RCC and MMDA whose evaluation score is Unsatisfactory would be cautioned;

4. Any RCD and MMDCD who fails twice irrespective of the MMDA he/she is responsible for:

a. will not be considered for appointment as Chief Director;

b. will be posted out to work under a senior officer;

5. Any RCD and MMDCD who fails thrice irrespective of the MMDA he/she is responsible for would be demoted and reposted.



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