General Legal Council and Ghana Bar Association operate 3 unauthorized bank accounts

Supreme Court
Supreme Court

The Ghana Audit Service has unearthed some shocking scandals at the General Legal Council and Ghana Bar Association after a thorough auditing has been carried out.

According to the report which has been prepared under Section 11 of the Audit Service Act, 2000 (Act 584) for presentation to Parliament in accordance with Section 20 of the Act, Johnson Akuamoah Asiedu, the Acting Auditor-General of the Ghana Audit Service said, they have noted that there was no contractual agreement between the General Legal Council (GLC) and Ghana Bar Association (GBA) regarding the collection of solicitor’s license fees.

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The Audit Service also said, the General Legal Council (GLC) and Ghana Bar Association (GBA) operated three unauthorised bank accounts with Access Bank Ghana Limited and GLC did not remit the GoG’s portion of capped Internationally Generated Fund (IGF).

The Audit Service, upon realizing this, has urged the General Legal Council as a matter of urgency to ensure that; Terms of Reference (ToR) or contractual agreement was entered between the GLC and the GBA; Collaborate with Controller and Accountant-General’s Department (CAGD) to open holding accounts to which all fees collected are paid into; Close all unauthorized bank accounts, and in consultation with GBA, reconcile the total revenue collected to establish the actual amounts due the GoG, GLC and GBA.

The report further said, the General Legal Council has two residential properties located at Taifa which have not been occupied since 2014 in one case and 2018 for the other bungalow. As a result, the Management has been urged to take the necessary steps to rent out or find alternative uses for these properties.


The also added that, the General Legal Council in August 2011 leased a parcel of land measuring 4.977 acres from the University of Ghana for a period of 25 years commencing from 1st August 2011 to 31st July, 2036 for the construction of Law School Village.

According to the Auditor General’s reports, they have noted that though eight years of the lease period has elapsed and after the payment of GH¢425,885.75 for the design & production drawings and clearing of the site, the construction of the Law School Village has not started.

In view of this, the General Legal Council has been advised to take immediate steps to kick start the construction of the Law School Village or find an alternative use for the land.

In another hand, the Ghana Audit Service said, an amount of GH¢300,000 was paid to Mr. Kwaku Ansah Asare, the former director of the Ghana School of Law as final and full payment of his claims against the General Legal Council but the Management of the School was unable to provide the audit team with a complete file on the case.

The Ghana Legal Council has been directed to produce the statement of claim, the judgment and the negotiated settlement and any other relevant documents relating to the matter for our review failure of which the approving and the authoring officers shall be held liable.



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