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Teachers Promotion Exams App

Ghana Education Service (GES) has launched GES Promotion Aptitude Test App for Teaching Staff.

Management of Ghana Education Service is informing all staff due for the promotion that the shortlist for applicants eligible to write the aptitude test for Promotion Ranks Principal Superintendent, Assistant Director II, Assistant Director I, and Deputy Director has been completed.

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The proposed date for the Aptitude test will be 28th February, 2023 and 1st March, 2023 simultaneously in all regions.

Moreover, the GES added that Index numbers, Regional centers, and other vital information will be communicated through the Regional Directorates to all short-listed candidates.

As part of chalking success in the GES Teachers Promotion Exams, all qualified teachers can download the Teachers Promotion Exams App on play store.

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How to download Teachers Promotion Exams App

Use the link Teachers Promotion Exams App to download the App.

The App has several features. It has a category for:

1. The ranks you want to be promoted to with its unique text items.

2. Every rank has its unique “Every Day Quiz, Tips & Notes, and Final Quizzes.

Additional Information 

For convenience, the App has it all. Navigation is simple and superb without loading stress.

Enjoy your prep for the upcoming GES Promotion Aptitude Test App for Teaching Staff.



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