Ghana is NOT moving forward upon all the flashy buildings, restaurants etc – Lydia Forson

Ghanaian actress, writer and movie producer Lydia Forson says Ghana is not ‘moving forward’.

According to the award winning actress, eventhough there are many flashy buildings popping around, the country is not moving forward.

She further added that the flashy buildings and restaurants springing up in the country cannot be considered as development as they only serve a few citizens.


Lydia Forson also added that, such flashy buildings does not mean the country is developing if many people do not have access to basic amenities.

In a tweet on her officially verified Twitter handle, Lydia Forson said ;

“Ghana is NOT moving forward. All the flashy buildings, restaurants etc serve only a select few.

It’s not development if a majority of the people can have access to the most BASIC amenities.”


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Lydia Forson

Below are some of the reactions from Netizens to Lydia Forson’s tweet.

  • You only put out such a statement if you know @lydiaforson is this rich,even if she has the means she reserves the right as to how she spends it. Let’s comment on issues with clear conscience void of politics.The government is always in a good position to do more for the citizen.
  • Well said!. The Ghana Living Standards survey corroborates this. Poverty gap keeps widening



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