Ghana Meteorological Agency speaks on the Akosombo Dam spillage

Ghana Meteorological Agency

Ghana Meteorological Agency

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Ghana Meteorological Agency has finally spoken on the Akosombo Dam spillage

Addressing the issue in the release, they said “The Ghana Meteorological Agency (the Agency) has noted with concern a series of interviews granted by the Public Relations Officer of the Volta River Authority (the Authority), Mr. Samuel Fletcher to the media suggesting that the Agency misled the Authority in the matter of the recent spillage of the Akosombo Dam.

This assertion has also been reproduced on several other reputable news and online portals; generating wide commentaries across the political and social divide.

We wish to put on record that the comment by the PRO of the VRA is false, unfortunate, and a sharp deviation from the existing relationship between the Agency and the Authority.

The Ghana Meteorological Agency Act, 2004 (Act 682) mandates GMet to among other things “provide meteorological information, advisories and warnings for the management of energy and water resources to mitigate the socio-economic impacts of disasters such as flood.”

In line with this, GMet has an existing service agreement with the Volta River Authority and provides the following services:

a. Weather Summary and Outlook (including Daily ITB position, Moisture Depth, and Sea Surface Temperature-at agreed periodic intervals) provided to VRA WEEKLY

b. Seasonal Weather Outlook at the beginning of the Year. This Outlook is the Forecast of the anticipated Weather situation of the Year.

This service is provided QUARTERLY covering the Southern, Sabel, and Savannah Regions,

c. Observed rainfall amount (data) and distribution across the country; provided on a 10-DAY basis.

These services are provided to the Authority regularly and updated through the dissemination channels approved by the agreement.

On March 3, 2023, GMet released its first seasonal forecast for southern Ghana for the year 2023 and in this release, the Agency warned of flash flooding.

This information was shared with all our stakeholders including the VRA in a Press briefing at the Headquarters of the Agency and also made public through the Agency’s website and social media platforms. /Link https: rainfall-forecast-for-the-mayor-rains-seasons-march- max-mam-and-april-june-ami-20123/]

Again, on 5th May 2023, GMet issued the seasonal forecast for the Northern Sector. The forecast advised that the country should expect above-average rainfall, below-average rainfall, and normal rains distributed across the country.

On the white Volta in the Northeastern part of the country, GMet forecasted above-average rainfall which was expected to bring rains into the Volta basin. This forecast was again shared with all stakeholders and through the Agency’s website and social media handles. Link https://www.meteo sector-and-update-for-southern-ghana-june-aug-ja-and-juh-sept-ias-for-the-country-2923]

On 18 August, 2023 the Ghana Meteorological Agency released the forecast for the Minor rainy Season for the Southern Sector of Ghana.

This was captured on the front page of the Daily Graphic with the headline, “EXPECT MORE RAINS”. Link https://www.meteo von eh gmet 2023- minar-rainfall-seasonal-forecast-september-octaher-november-son

In addition to all of the above, GMet issues Daily Weather Forecasts (Morning, afternoon, and Evening), Midweek Outlook. Weekend Outlook, and Advisories to provide weather updates to the public and all stakeholders.

While we sympathize with the unfortunate situation of the Dam spillage, we wish to clarify that the Ghana Meteorological Agency cannot be faulted or alleged to have misled the VRA in this matter.

The evidence available points to the fact that at all material times and in all advisories issued to the public, the Agency forecasted above-normal rains this year.

We appreciate the clarification provided by the Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the Authority. Operations, and Engineering – emphasizing the over sixty (60) year relationship between the Agency and the Authority. ( GhanaHomePage/business/VRA-denies- blaming-Ghana-Meteorological-Agency-for-flooding-situation-186.3080)



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