Ghana might import water years to come if laws don’t stop galamsey – Researcher discloses

Water tap
Water tap

An Environmental Parasitologist and Researcher, Dr. Henry Ofosu Addo based on facts has predicted the state of Ghana’s water bodies and a hint about importing water if galamsey is not banned by law in the near future.

Illegal mining popularly known as galamsey is a disturbing environmental challenge facing Ghana for years yet conscious steps are not taken to curb the issue.

In an interview, he said the water bodies polluted by humans are the same water bodies that they use in all their domestic work.

According to him, the health of humans should be the topmost priority in the midst of seeking a better life (galamsey workers and land owners). Gradually, all the beauty of the water bodies is fading away with harmful chemicals.

“Since time immemorial, Ghana’s water bodies have served great importance for all both at home and abroad. The water bodies are tourist attractions that can earn huge revenue for the nation if the laws are enforced. The rivers play important roles in both the socio-cultural and religious aspects of all Ghanaians” He added.


Dr. Henry Ofosu delved into illegal mining operations where he said the number of chemicals (mercury) that these miners release into the air are dangerous. The chemicals destroy the soil and water. Also, the chemicals damage the brains of humans including many other health complications that mining chemicals posses.

“We all need to pay attention to the situation since ‘galamsey’ has become a systemic problem not only restricted to small parts of the country, but it is widespread nationwide destroying our water bodies and threatening our existence,” Dr. Ofosu added.

“The fishes in the water take the mercury in and are harvested for human beings to consume, thereby killing ourselves indirectly. “The situation will be disastrous, and posterity will not forgive us if we remain unconcerned.” He explained.



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