Ghana’s economy at a cross-road; facing tough time to restore macro sustainability – World Bank

Pierre Laporte
Pierre Laporte

Pierre Laporte, the Country Director of World Bank has asserted in his statement at a public lecture that Ghana’s economy is at a cross-road and facing a very tough time to restore macro sustainability.

According to him, the current numbers speak for themselves as the economic situation is very serious.

“At the World Bank, we’ve not hidden the fact when we’ve held discussions with government officials and even the Head of State that, Ghana faces a very tough road ahead to restore macro sustainability” He explained.

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The Country Director of World Bank said it point-blank without supporting the agenda of Ghanaian government, the state of the sinking economy.

Ghanaians are aware of the economy’s state before the Covid-19 pandemic stricken the world. Government shouldn’t paint the minds of the citizens with lies.

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Figures can’t be maneuvered to fit the agenda, they’re clear. The intensity of the economy got the shape from poor management of the fundamentals and exorbitant spending of the taxpayer’s blood.

Ghana’s challenges are hinged on poor leadership and misappropriation of state resources, use of below standard persons to accomplish the right ‘work done.’

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At the 65th Independence Day Anniversary, the New Patriotic Party (NPP) government accepted the shortfalls of the economy. Ghanaians hope the state sees a massive shoot up.



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