GNAT solidarize with the people of Volta flood Victims

General secretary of GNAT Mr. Thomas Musah

General secretary of GNAT Mr. Thomas Musah

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The Ghana National Association of Teachers, GNAT has issued a statement on the flood that has displaced many people in the Volta Region of Ghana.

Describing the flood as catastrophic, the association solidarised with the people who have been left homeless from the floods from the spillage of the Akosombo dam by the Volta River Authority.

Read the statement from GNAT Below


The Ghana National Association of Teachers, GNAT, issues this statement to
solidarise with the people of the Volta Region, as a result of the calamity which
has befallen them, out of the spillage of the voluminous amounts of water, fřrom
the Akosombo dam by the Volta River Authority.

Footages of scenes from the
Region are indeed catastrophic, with the whole place inundated with water, and
buildings, farmlands and personal belongings submerged. It is indeed a pitiful
sight to behold, and our hearts go out to them!

The situation is quite tragic, more so when it is manmade. We of the GNAT
wonder, whether the people lower stream the dam, were educated or warned of the
fate that awaited them, arising out of the spillage, and the steps to take so as not to
be overwhelmed as is now the case. If this was not done, then this is unfortunate,
and we wonder how fellow compatriots would overcome it in this era of austerity
and economic malaise.

It is as a result of this that the Ghana National Association of Teachers, GNAT,
calls on the govemment and international bodies and agencies to go to the
immediate aid of the affected communities and people and save them from this
unexpected calamity. This should not be a time for political statements, but
pragmatic steps to ease the people out of the pain and anguish they are going

The GNAT Would do its part in the coming days, and we hope all
would go to “Macedonia” to help too”.
The Ghana National Association of Teachers, GNAT, equaly backs the call for a
state of emergency to be declared in the affected arcas, since the circumstances
under which a state of emergeney could be declared, whether natural or manmade
disasters is being experienced currently which not only threatening the very existence of the people but also depriving the communities of the essentials of life.

The declaration of the emergency would secure public safety, maintenance of public order and guarantee the supply of essential goods and services required by the communities.

We ask our Teachers in the Region to remain steadfast and calm, and assure them of our utmost assistance, to enable them carry out their duties, when the storm is over.

Our learners are also not left out, as we would make sure their education is neither disrupted nor thwarted for whatever reason.

Once again, we call for immediate action to save the people from diseases which may come in the trail of the flooding and financial assistance to put the people on an even keel so as to curb any unforeseen instability and nip any social unrest in the bud!

Let us ensure that at the end of it all, the Volta Region would emerge more cohesive, focused and strong, with the people still prepared to contribute to the forward march of Ghana. And we trust, this would definitely be the case.



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