Google holds seminar for staff and students of UCC on Artificial Intelligence

Head of Google Ghana

Head of Google Ghana

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Technology giant, Google, organized a seminar for staff and students of the University of Cape Coast (UCC) to discuss the current trends and applications of artificial intelligence (AI).

The head of Google Ghana, Mr. Jason Hickey, spoke about the revolutionary transformation brought about by AI, particularly the recent breakthroughs in Large Language Models (LLMs).

At the seminar, which was titled “Exploring the Future” and held at the Conference Room of the College of Distance Education, Mr. Hickey announced that Google was rolling out generative artificial intelligence (AI) to its core search engine.

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He also highlighted the need for addressing the issue of bad building structures in most rural African countries, which are riddled with poor planning plans. To tackle this issue, Google has developed AI modules to recognize buildings in the rural areas of African countries.

Furthermore, Mr. Hickey noted that the company had adopted AI to forecast weather, which would help overcome the challenges many African countries faced in determining accurate weather forecasts.

In his remarks, a senior lecturer at the Department of Mathematics at UCC, Dr. Stephen Moore, stated that the School of Engineering at UCC would partner with Google to train students to become AI experts.

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This partnership would provide students with the necessary skills and knowledge to make significant contributions to the field of AI, which is rapidly evolving and transforming various industries.

The seminar provided an opportunity for staff and students of UCC to engage with industry leaders and experts in the field of AI and gain insights into the latest trends and applications.

Google’s commitment to supporting the development of AI in Africa is a positive development that will help drive innovation and growth in the region.

The partnership between UCC and Google to train students to become AI experts is a significant step towards achieving this goal.

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