How to buy Placement Checker on phone with Mobile Money

CSSPS Checker 2022
CSSPS Checker 2022 -

How to buy Placement Checker on phone with Mobile Money

If you want to check your Computerized School Selection Placement System (CSSPS), you have to buy a placement checker from a trusted seller first before you can access your results from the West African Examination Council (WAEC) database.

Kindly follow the stages below to buy your BECE Placement Checker


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Contact +233555475811 for all assistance/guidance on the process.

Stage 1

Log in to the official website via the URL with your smartphone or PC.

Stage 2

Choose the card type you want to buy. eg: CSSPS Placement Checker.

Stage 3

Enter the number of cards you want to buy and the amount will be automatically calculated

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Stage 4

Click on “Buy Now”

Stage 5

You will be taken to a new screen where you enter your name and phone number (Card details will be sent via SMS to the phone number you enter here).

Stage 6

Click on “Proceed to Payment” and expect what stage 7 is describing.

Stage 7

On the next screen, choose Mobile Money and enter your MoMo number. Anticipate a message. They will send you an OTP to confirm.

Stage 8

Stage 8 is the point at which you have to confirm the payment on your phone.

Stage 9

You will instantly receive an SMS with the BECE Results Checker PIN and Serial and instructions to check.



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