How to Check my MTN Number

How to Check my MTN Number

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If you purchase a new sim card, you will be given a unique number which we often referred to as a telephone number. This unique number is mostly written on the pack of the sim card and your can write this number and give it to your friends and families as that is the number they will need to dial to talk to you via the phone.

However, memorizing different digits can be challenging if you have more than one line. In this situation, it is essential to know how to check your MTN number in Ghana. If you forget your telephone number, you can follow these steps on how to Check my MTN Number.

How to know your MTN number via USSD

  1. Dial *156# as your USSD code from the sim card whose number you want to check.
  2. Select Check my Number.
  3. Your Number will be displayed.

How to check your MTN Ghana number via a call

  1. Open your ‘Phone’ or ‘Dial’ app Launch the dial pad.
  2. Ask a friend around for his or her telephone number and place a call to their telephone number.
  3. Let your friend whose telephone number you dialed check their phone and give you the number of the call they just received from you.



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