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The Mobile Telecommunication Network (MTN) has various ways of which it users can access free data.

This mash up helps the Mobile Telecommunication Network (MTN) users pays as low as 0.07 to have access to internet ( both social media and internet), some Short Message Service (SMS) Bundle and also some talk time to all MTN numbers.

Steps on how to get free MTN Data

1. Dail *567*1*1*1#

2. Select option 2 : Enter amount GH¢ (0.07 – 4.99)

3. Enter amount to buy as your preferred bundle. When you get to this stage, there is a slight difference with the bundle based on the amount you choose.

4. With GH¢ 0.07, you would get options with their talk time. With option one (1) you would get 0.078 minute talk time to all MTN numbers, 50mb SMS bundle, 50mb for social media bundle and also 4mb as internet bundle.

5. Select/choose your payment mode (1. Airtime 2. Mobile Money)

6. Select 1 and confirm bundle

7. Repeat previous steps till you are satisfied with your package.

Note: With an amount GH¢1, you would can get 7.8 minutes talk time to all MTN numbers, 700mb SMS bundle, 700mb social media bundle and 56mb internet bundle.



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