How to Sell on Jiji, How to Advertise or Put your Products on Jiji

Jiji Ghana, How to sell on Jiji
Jiji Ghana

What is Jiji?

Jiji formerly Olx is one of the  largest online marketplaces where you can buy items or advertise your products or items for sale. Jiji Ghana helps to connects Real Buyers with real sellers.

How to sell on Jiji / How to advertise on Jiji / How to put my Product on Jiji

Are you a business or do you have a product you want to advertise or put on Jiji Ghana? Let’s take you through the process of putting your products on Jiji Ghana.


To place your products on Jiji Ghana. Follow the steps below.

1. Register

To register, you will need to use a valid email address and phone number or do it via Facebook or Google and visit and select register on the to right corner.

How to sell on Jiji, How to advertise on Jiji, How to register on jiji

2. Make photos of your item.

Take many good and nice images of your product as much as possible.

3. Click on Sell

Select an appropriate category for your product and upload the images of your product,  write a clear title and full description for the item or product.

Enter the price of the item you are listing, select attributes and send your advert for review. If everything is ok with your advert, it’ll be approved by Jiji in a couple of hours after sending for review.
You will receive a notification via the email you use to register if your advertisement is approved and it goes live.
Constantly check your inbox to see messages from your prospective buyers. Boom, you have started selling on Jiji.

Items and Products Prohibited on Jiji / Products that I cannot Post on Jiji

Some products and items cannot be posted on the Jiji advertising platform as it is against their policies to Post the following products and items on the platform for sale.

  1. Weapons
  2. Restricted military/police items
  3. Human organs
  4. Illegal/pirated copies
  5. Stolen property
  6. Narc0tics, ster0ids, and any drúgs or medications that require a prescription from a licensed medical specialist
  7. Code grabbing and lock picking devices
  8. Electronic equipment prohibited by the laws of Ghana.
  9. Sexμally-oriented services
  10. Loans, money transactions and Bitcoin
  11. Multi-level marketing, pyramid, scams and matrix programs
  12. Network marketing and “Home Base Business” jobs
  13. Products (goods or services) prohibited to sell by the law, in particular:
    • Food, processed food, water, soft drinks, spirit drinks, medical devices, drugs, drug products, cosmetics, chemicals, agrochemicals, pesticides, veterinary drugs, or other goods which have not been registered with the National Agency for Food & Drug Administration and Control (the “NAFDAC”) among others.

How Much Does it Cost to Post an Ad on Jiji / How Much Do I Pay to Post my Products on Jiji

Posting your products or items on Jiji is Free. However, there are limits to the number of ads you can post on the platform for free.

Download Jiji Android App / iOS App

To download Jiji shopping Mobile App on Android or iOS / Iphone, Search for the Jiji App on Google play store and iOS store.

Click HERE to Download Jiji Android App

Jiji Ghana Contact Numbers

You can contact Jiji Ghana at No. 39 Boundary Road, East Legon, Accra, Accra, Ghana

Jiji  Contact Numbers :

Email :

Is it safe to buy on Jiji? / Are Scammers on Jiji?

Buying online can be safe and risky so before you buy a product online, you must endeavour to double check and also read on Jiji Safety Guidelines to avoid encountering problems buying on Jiji

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