I will Abolish Ex-Gratia and per-diem allowances if Elected President – Independent Presidential Candidate Mr. Kofi Koranteng

Enterpreneur and businessman Mr. Kofi Koranteng who says he is contesting this year’s December 7 general election as an independent candidate has announced some of the promises he will fulfill when elected President of Ghana.

According to Mr. Kofi Koranteng, this year’s Presidential Election must be about opposing the two major Political parties in the country, the National Democratic Congress and the New Patriotic Party.

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The President hopeful that, Ghanaians must stand against the NDC and NPP  because, the two Political Parties have maintained a stranglehold on the growth and development of our Nation, our People and the future of Ghana.


Outlining his Campaign promises, Mr. Koranteng indicated that, when he is elected as the President of the Republic of Ghana in the upcoming elections, he will cut government spending by $100 million by abolishing the payment of ex-gratias, emoluments, sitting allowances and travel per-diem allowances to Government officials.

Below are other Campaign Promises made by Mr. Kofi Koranteng;

  • Institute a National Development Plan
  • Overhaul the Constitution
  • Enforce Law and Order
  • Abolish Ex-Gratia
  • Put our Youth to work
  • Appoint 20 Ministers
  • Institute a flat-rate Import Duty




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