Ibrahim Mahama donates to victims of Bogoso-Appiatse explosion

The Chief Executive officers of engineers and planners Mr. Ibrahim Mahama has donated to victims of Bogoso-Appiate explosion.

It could be recalled that the western Region town of Appiate near Bogoso was destroyed after a vehicle allegedly conveying dynamites to a exploration company got involved in an accident.

This explosion has left many persons including women and children homeless as all houses in the town were entirely destroyed and the area rendered uninhabitable.


Following this devastation, Mr. Ibrahim Mahama who is the younger brother of former President Mahama and Chief Executive Officer of Engineers & Planners, Mr. Ibrahim Mahama⁩ has come to the aid of persons rendered homeless by the explosion.

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Mr. Ibrahim Mahama

The items donated by Mr. Ibrahim Mahama are;

1. five thousand (5000) bags of rice,

2. five thousand (5000) tins of Mackerel and

3. One thousand (1000) gallons of cooking oil.

Below are some reactions to Ghanaians to the donation made by Mr. Mahama.

  • That guy alone can handle the whole of Ghana single handedly. But the thing is, he has no interest in politics but the love of Ghana. Long Live Mr. Ibrahim Mahama. May the Good God continue to bless you and your family.
  • May Allah protect you and Bless you abundantly for your kind gesture,
    you are not political you are real and did exactly what is expected of a Muslim,
  • They are waiting for vice president promise to rebuild their houses for them.
  • What are our Churches too doing to help?God Bless Ibrahim Mahama.
  • I hope NADMO and the government is watching….. Oh less I forget, the Media Propaganda will start soon. We’re watching.

SOURCE : Coverghana.com.gh


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