Is Ghana worth 126 Ministers? Contradictory Ministery, the Ineptitude – Anthony Akudago writes 

Jubilee House
Jubilee House

One Mr. Anthony Akudago, a Ghanaian who is poised in expressing his views and thoughts on national issues has, once again descended heavily on president Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and his appointees.

In his latest article copied to the front deck of your reliable news portal thus; has outlined the bloated government of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) without any significant outcome. According to him, president Nana Akufo-Addo has appointed over 126 Minister into public offices and about 1,000 presidential staffers at the Jubilee House among many but nothing significant have been achieved by them so far.

He has criticized the government and outlined reasons for which there is a need for the president to cut the size of his Ministers and presidential staffers to avoid wasting the taxpayers money.


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Read below his article intercepted. 

His excellency President Akufo Addo assumed the office of the presidency on 7th January 2017. And since his assumption into office, his ministerial appointments and presidential staffers is bloated with a record of 126 ministers and about 1000 presidential staffers. This ineptitude, abnormalities and elephantine government of the Nana Addo administration is causing financial loss to the state ,and this has called for several criticisms and lambast from the media, especially the opposition NDC and the Economic Freedom Fighters of Ghana.(EFF-GH).

The multi dollar question in the ambiguity surrounding government appointments and the formation of the ineptitude and the recurring influx of ministries to profligate the country’s resources and Economy is mind boggling. Considering the size of the country and her population of about 30 million. Do we really need 126 ministerial portfolio to manage 30 million people?The size of Nana Addo’s government is larger than the size of the country. This is absolutely petrifying and unconscionable.

These ambiguous ministries created by the President,Nana Akufo Addo and some past administration is very contradictory and wasteful;for instance, the ministries of fisheries and aquaculture. The ministry of lands and water resources, the minister of lands and natural resources and the Ministry of Environment science and technology. I found this very intriguing hence the recurring of ministries but of different portfolio. What is the prudence of having these unconscionable ministries for a small country like Ghana. The question is, can’t one or two ministers manage the land,natural resources, environment,even sanitation, aquaculture and housing? Four Ministers here means four deputies yet aquaculture is in a very ill state and people are still defecating , disposing refuse in water bodies and open defecation is on the rise.

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Today, the masses can’t buy a full fish to eat. Housing is a disaster affecting the masses,our lands are invaded by white miners and the dishonesty dealings of land matters is very worrisome. Our local mines is criminalised owing to poor planning and policies put in place to supervise and curb their activities .Science and environmental problems remains a major challenge. Still on lands, there is the minister for agriculture. Yet we can’t feed ourselves.


The rationale behind this over sized government is very disconcerting and intriguing.

The egoistic and cronyism government we have had over the years are the sole actors using the capitalist systems to exploit the masses for the interest they stand to achieve.

The Nana Addo nepotistic and cronyism system of governance deliberately fraught these ministries and avenues that are not palpable and capable of contributing to the growth of our nation.

Another scenario is the ministry of railway development, Ministry of Roads and high ways,ministry of Transport and the ministries for Aviation. These ministries should be amalgamated and headed by two ministry. Is absolutely bogus and full of absurdities to use tax payers money to pay these goof and lazy people who are taking advantage of the capitalist system to create ill wealth.

The roads are bad and rail way and aviation are simplistically inert.

Why do we  have these designated portfolio yet the cost and standard of living is accruing drastically and phenomenal in an appalling magnitude as we are experiencing now.

The Ministry of special development and initiative. The ministry of planning falls under the ministry of finance and Economic planning. The minister of state at the office of the presidency. The minister of state at the office of the presidency in charge of public procurement. Other scandalous Ministry include;the Senior minister, ministry of parliamentary affairs, Ministry of monitoring and evaluation, ministry of Regional reorganization,the ministry of inner cities and Zongo development and the National security ministry .These ministerial portfolio are and not needed and their nefarious machinations, family and friends of the Nana Addo lead government must be thwarted. These Ministry are bogus and not palpable. The are created to unfurl the family and friends government of the capitalist rule.

Where are the men Mr. President I ask,is this the goof toddlers you called men,is this the thieves you called men,the mediocre you called men .You have messed up the Economy, education, Agriculture,health and security.

Infrastructure is a zero achievement yet you are asking for 4 more years .I advice you Mr. President, to fling your sea sized government to save the country purse,economy and debt you have incurred for Ghanaians and the generation. And I tell you, that, No Ghanaian in their right senses will endorse this failure again. Give us a break and step down.

The EFF-GH is calling on you to make way for the youth to run as president in this country before you take your perpetual exit come December 2020.

This greedy capitalist and cronyism system must be thwarted and be replaced with a youth socialist system that will feed the people than the people feeding the system.

This exorbitant government is a recipe for lazy mongering and a constructive plan to milk the nation and feed the family and friends government.

Enough is enough.
Article by Anthony Akudago.
Fighters SG @EFF-GH
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