“Is Politics Really Dirty or Selfish Interest?” – Assemblyman writes

The Assembly Member for Torgodo Electoral Area of the North Tongu District in the Volta Region of Ghana Mr. Dominic Senyo Yahesu has had his take on what he described as “IS POLITICS REALLY DIRTY OR SELFISH INTERESTS?” Have a read of his episode.

Throughout history, and continuing into modern times, politicians have not proved otherwise. We’ve seen our politicians so tormented that they precisely turn off their ethics to gain political mileage.

That is the nature of the game we call politics. Many of our politicians have lost their moral values not to only a desire for political gain, but also to assets.


“I will never be poor again”, they proclaim, especially on gaining the political power we call government. Power reproduce materialism. That being the case, can we truly fault those who on that perception, conclude that politics is indeed dirty?

If truth be told, there are no rules to ensure unity and fair play in politics. Because there is no unity and fair play, our politics ends up being nothing but dirty.

Our most recent political history is everywhere with stories of the lengths, not by way of civilised customs people have gone to obtain or maintain power over others.

The road blocks following the 1998 general elections in Ghana cannot be evaluated to be anything other than a means, not within any rule book, through which a government was eventually fallen.


A game without rules, as contrary as it might sound clearly, our history speaks to politics being a game of winning by any and all costs. The road to power is paved with hypocrisy and casualties~ Dominic Senyo Yahesu proclaim.

It becomes worse when we consider the many persons who’ve gone into politics and have come out the worse or have become absolutely corrupt.

The longer you play the game of politics, it seems the more you become a slave to trade-offs, in order to safeguard a position of authority, some say power, I say wickedness.

In politics there are no permanent friends or enemies, only permanent interests. Permanent interests in this case simply means, you scratch my back, I scratch yours.
Dominic Senyo Yahesu argues that politics is never a dirty game rather, selfishness and wickedness. The position upholds, provides a great platform to serve, develop and help people. But our case is different.

In the game, sometimes someone can kill your mother today, but after the burial, the person joins your political party and you both become the best of friends.

They don’t care what the rest of the family or bereaved think or feel,as long as they both stand to gain from it. That is permanent interests for you.
That is politics!


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