Islamic leaders must make frantic efforts to invest in secular/Islamic education

Mr. Alhassan Mohammed Adama
Mr. Alhassan Mohammed Adama

A former National Deputy Secratery of the Teacher Trainees’ Association (TTAG) and a believer of Islam Mr. Alhassan Mohammed Adama has called on Islamic leaders to make frantic efforts to invest in secular/Islamic education across the country.

He made this called following the decision of Wesley Girls’ Senior High School authority decision to deny Moslems girls the right to honor the Ramadan obligation by fasting.

According to him, the decision by the Methodist Church Ghana not to “respect” the Ghana Education Service (GES) directive to Wesley Girls’ Senior High School to permit Moslems girls to honor the Ramadan obligation is sad.


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“Much as we condemn it because of its tendency to disrupt religious tolerance in Ghana, I think it is also very timely that, Islamic leaders in this country make frantic efforts to invest in secular/Islamic education.” He said.

Mr. Alhassan Mohammed Adama said, those days they cherished and prioritized Islamic education as against Western education as believers (rightly so). Times have changed and they have no option than to merge the two. He noted that, efforts have been made to address the issue but unfortunately, they seem to be moving at a slower pace.


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“It must be pragmatic. We can set a target that, in the next 5 or at most 10 years, we want to have at least two Islamic Senior High Schools classified among the elites Second Cycle Institutions in Ghana.” He proposed.

Explaining further, he said, when your landlord maltreated you, he is only telling you to build your own house. This way, our children will be free and willing to practice their faith without any hindrance.

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“How long are we going to continue complaining and weeping without making efforts to have our own. We have all the necessary arsenals at  our disposal to do this. Let’s act now.” He said.



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